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Top Questions and Answers for QuickStart

How do I connect my QuickStart Player?
My Registration Code doesn’t work.  HELP!

I’ve forgotten the website address (URL) to login to QuickStart!  HELP!
I need to configure the player for Wi-Fi.  How do I do that?
I have a proxy server.  How do I configure that?
I bought a QuickStart player, but I want … Read More »

How do I remove out-wipes?

Go to the Design List menu and you will see the out-wipes listed as “Out: .” You can cut or delete them from there.

My script disappeared. How do I get it back? (or, it was replaced by a single page named after my script).

You have discovered one of two features: If the number on the script title bar (right side) doesn’t read “1″, then you have used the Script Switcher feature which lets you edit more than one script at a time. Click on the left arrow to get back to your original … Read More »

The “Shuffler” sometimes shows the wrong images. How can I update them?

Scalar saves shuffler icons from the File menu in temporary files (.NFO) so they display more quickly when viewed again. If you change a graphic file, you will have to “visit” that file with the File menu to update the icon.

I can’t get the wipe I’ve chosen to move in a certain direction.

Certain wipes have limited wipe directions. For example, some can only go North/South but not East/West. Some experimentation may be required to find which wipes work best. No table or listing of wipes with possible wipe directions is available at this time.

I have a number of FLC/FLI animations along with playback of WAV sound samples. Sometimes the animation stops, stutters and/or the audio cuts out. What can I do to prevent this?

Your system may have the following conditions:

-Low powered CPU (i.e. 75 MHz Pentium or slower).
-Too little memory (e.g. 16 MB)
-Badly fragmented hard disk or slow access storage device (e.g. double-speed (2X) CD-ROM drive).
-Inefficient sound card (e.g. relies on CPU to process audio effects like reverb).
-Audio file used has high sample … Read More »

Using a Creative Labs AWE64 or AWE64 Gold sound card, Scala recognizes it as an AWE32 but there is no sound. What can I do to fix this problem?

Be sure to run the AWE64 utility “CTPNP.EXE” before starting the Scala application. Refer to the AWE64 manual for more information on using this utility with DOS based products or visit Creative Labsr web site for more information.

How do I get my sound to work?

There are a number of issues when configuring sound. First, be sure that your audio hardware settings are correct. Scala sometimes assigns the wrong information during the Autodetect process. You must check the settings in Scala against the settings from your operating system.

If sound used to work, and you are … Read More »

What VCRs are support in the IC3 VCR EXtension?

VCR EX supported VCRs:
- Panasonic AG5700
- Panasonic AG7150/7350/7355 VCR’s
- Pioneer laserdisc
- Sony Serial protocol compatible RS422 interface VCR
- Sony RS232 controlled UVW VCR’s, 1200/1400/1800

What is the difference between InfoChannel Designer Demo vs. the Product?

There are no differences in functionality as such.

The “30-day demo” is exactly that–a demo what will execute on your machine for 30 days from the time of installation.

The product CD includes various clip art and demo scripts, the package contains a 664 page user manual.

What switchers are supported in the IC3 Switcher EXtension?

The Switcher EXtension supportes the following switchers:

- Adrienne AEC-1/SIO (GVG TEN-XL)
- DPS RS-2800 4×1
- GVG Performer 10×1
- Knox RS-8×8
- Knox RS-12×2
- Kramer VS-402
- Kramer SIS-4×4
- Kramer 2081/2481 8×1
- Kramer 2516/2616 16×16
- Kramer VS x01xl, VS x01xlm, VS x11 (old protocol)
- All Kramer Protocol 2000 switchers
- Vutrix MT2A
- Pesa Model-162 16×2
- … Read More »

The wait for mouse feature works when I author but does not work when I publish to a channel.

The player for ICDesigner is not capable of handling the mouse click feature when in channel play mode. Therefore you cannot publish a channel with mouse click page advance. Instead you can use a transparent button called invisible.btn and stretch it to fit the entire screen. This will produce the … Read More »

What Leightronix devices are supported in the IC3 Leightronix EXtension?

Leightronix EXtension supported switchers:

- Leightronix Mini-T-Pro
- Leightronix Pro-8
- Leightronix Pro-16

With Release 7.3 we now support the Mini-T-Net (RS-232 interface only)

Boolean variables are reset when script loops

Using the branch menu, goto the page following initial variable declaration.

Work-Around: Author a loop to the point in the script after the variable definition.

How can I print out something from a ScalaScript?

Often times, it is desirable to be able to, for example, print a coupon in a kiosk application from a ScalaScript. Here’s a way to do that today.

Here is what you need: – Windows Scripting Host Installed ( – Microsoft Word (I used Office 2000) – Designer – Small VB … Read More »

I have defined a string or numeric array and I wish to display the value on a page. How do I display arrays in Scala?

Use this format: !([index]) Example for the array buffer. !(buffer[1]) Where 1 represents the first entry in the table. Remember Arrays generally start at 1 in ScalaScript, not zero.

When I save my script, I get the following error message…”The TrueType font “font name” will not be embedded because the font’s license prohibits permanent installation.”

You are attempting to save a script (using advanced script options) by copying associated files and fonts. Apparently your script uses a font that cannot be installed on another user’s machine. You can safely click continue when this error message appears. To avoid seeing this error message, don’t check “copy … Read More »

When I playback my presentation on other computers, the total playback time varies!

The faster the refresh rate, the faster the WIPES (screen transitions).

A common mistake when making scripts is to omit any kind of timing values or delays. (“the zero pause problem”). Such scripts become tied to the speed of its screen effects, which are refresh rate dependent.

It is possible to time … Read More »

When I publish a CD with IC Designer, will the viewer have to download the Scala player?

When you publish a CD -ROM with IC Designer, it includes the player as well as your content. The only things your viewers will need are Microsoft DirectX & Windows Media Player, which most (if not all) PCs have these days, but if not they also can be included in … Read More »

How do I launch an email with the receiver’s email address and Subject pre-filled?

Create a Button, choose Push Button, in Select Action choose the Action “Show WWW Page”, remove HTTP:// next to URL, and type:


Why am I unable to open my temporary folder after publishing as an Internet Channel?

Scala creates a channel file with the file extension .CDF. Windows has the file extension .CDF associated with another application. You need to go into Windows Explore / Folder Options / File Types and remove the entry for file exetension .CDF.

IC Designer shows files in jpeg format green (backgrounds, pictures…)?

This is caused by the introduction of the Pentium 4 to IC Designer.

If thumbnails images are still showing green after loading the service pack it is because the thumbnails are cached, and you are seeing cached thumbnails that were made by an earlier service pack. Go to Tools/Options, the Authoring … Read More »

Why is it that my InfoChannel Designer Stand-Alone CDs will not play on Windows XP?

You need to download the current Service Pack for Designer from our web site at Goto Downloads. Your CDs need to be created under the current Service Pack for them to work on Windows XP.

I am unable to print from InfoChannel Designer 1

Symantec Winfax (current version 10) print driver installed will prevent printing from Designer 1. The Winfax must be uninstalled in order to print.

I can’t run MM100 under Windows 98

MM100 is a DOS product and is our first generation PC product. There have been two product releases since–MM200 and InfoChannel Designer. You should upgrade from MM100 to InfoChannel Designer. You may still be able to get MM100 to operate if you run your PC in a pure DOS environment. … Read More »

Will InfoChannel Designer 1 run under Windows Me, 2000, and XP?

InfoChannel Designer 1 with the latest Service Pack will run on Windows Me, 2000, and XP.

NOTE: InfoChannel Designer 1 is legacy Scala product. InfoChannel Designer 1 was only tested on the original Windows XP, and never tested under Windows XP Service Pack 1 or 2. Performance under these service packs … Read More »

Does Reporter support templates using plain backgrounds?

Reporter doesn’t support plain backgrounds you will need to use a single color gif background.

How do I get a MM200 replacement manual?

The MM200 manual is no longer available in book format. It is available on CD in PDF format. To obtain a replacement Manual please do the following:

You will need to send a letter via standard International AirPost in a standard business envelope to:

Scala, Inc.
Attn: 200 Manual replacement
350 Eagle View Boulevard
Suite … Read More »

IC100 Output to Television Considerations

There are a number of “VGA/SVGA to composite encoder” or “scan converter” products on the market, which take the output of a computer’s graphics card and convert it to the NTSC or PAL video standards. Typically, the less-expensive products offer only consumer quality video. More expensive units offer industrial quality … Read More »

How do I forward to NM3 using a NAT IPAddress on a Firewall?

As for forwarding to the Network Manager you need to setup Port Forwarding on your hub for FTP port 21 to go to the Network Manager. Most likely you have a utility program for the hub to do that.

In NotePad create a file call MMOS.ini. Add the line [Scala], next … Read More »

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