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What hardware is recommended for Scala Content Manager?

Server hardware recommendations vary by the size of your network and by the amount and frequency of content that you intend to transfer. Recommendations are just that, recommended. You may find other configurations that are more suited to your network or budget.


For detailed recommendations, please download one of the below Server … Read More »

Can I install PostgreSQL on a FAT partition?

PostgreSQL’s number one priority is the integrity of your data. FAT and FAT32 file systems simply do not offer the reliability required to allow this. In addition, the lack of security features offered by FAT make it impossible to secure the raw data files from unauthorized modification. Finally, PostgreSQL utilizes … Read More »

How do I find my Scala Content Manager 5 serial number?

In Content Manager select ‘Settings’, select ‘License Status’, and the serial number is listed next to Scala Content Manager USB Key Serial Number.

Advanced Config

Why are there so many instances of postgres.exe listed in Task Manager?

It’s totally normal to find many instances of postgres.exe listed in Windows Task Manager.For example, in UNIX, you can “fork” a process. A typical web service system would show many active Apache processes and just as many SQL server processes. The basic idea behind this is that if a process … Read More »

How do I uninstall Content Manager and ancillary applications?

1.      Uninstall the following applications in Control Panel / Add and Remove Programs:

a. Content Manager
b. PostgreSQL
c. Apache Tomcat
d. MainConcept MPEG-2 Decoder Pack

2. Delete the ‘postgres’ Windows User Account in Control Panel / Users Accounts

3. Remove any leftover bits of the Postgres and Apache installations in the “program files” directory. Delete the … Read More »

What Windows platforms support Content Manager 5?

Supported Windows platforms for Scala 5

Windows 7 (32 bit):

Starting with Release 5.1 Scala Designer 5, Content Manager 5, and Player 5 are now supported on Windows 7 (32 bit) version. Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate platforms are supported.

Windows 7 (64 bit)

Starting with Release 5.1.9 Scala Designer 5, Content Manager 5, … Read More »

Content Manager and VM

Scala Content Manager5, Release 6.x; is tested for functionality under the following HyperVisor/Virtual Machine environments.

VMware ESXi/vSphere 3/4/5
VMware Workstation 7/8/9
Amazon EC2

With the following guest Operating Systems:

Microsoft Windows Server 2003R2 x64, 2008R2 x64

Since the Scala5 Content Manager is a combination of Win32 services and Java Application “Servlets” running under Apache Tomcat; any … Read More »

Setting up Advanced Configuration Database options for MS SQL Server 2005

If you are configuring the database connection in Content Manager to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database, and it’s on a domain and/or you have a specific instance you want to use, you’ll need to modify the “Connection Options” field as shown below:

 If your database is on a … Read More »

Is my Scala 5 product eligible for an update?

Your access to updates is determined by the Scala Advantage expiration date.

All Scala 5 products include one year of Scala Advantage when first purchased. You will need to purchase additional years of Scala Advantage after the first year. You can find your Scala Advantage Support expire date for Content Manager … Read More »

I have forgotten my Content Manager 5 password?

You need to do the following to recover your password: 

Uninstall the following applications in Add and Remove Programs:
Content Manager

Remove the Config.xml file. Default locations is: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Scala\InfoChannel Content Manager 5\Conf\config.xml

Remove the PostgreSQL Windows User account in Control Panel / User Accounts.

Run the Content Manager installer application.

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