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While using QuickTime I am getting a cut to black?

Quicktime files are compressed and if your movie is large it may need time
to decompress. You can try transcoding from Quicktime to MPEG. This delay could also be caused by file caching size.

The Cut to black during page wipes can be caused by unmatched resolutions between the pages. You can … Read More »

I can’t get Quicktime files to work in Scala. Why?

As documented with the product, Scala Designer supports the “Open QuickTime v.3.0″ format or earlier only. QuickTime 4, 5 or 6 files and files that are encoded with proprietary CODEC’s–e.g. Sorensen, can not be used.

Starting with Scala 5 Release QuickTime H-264 MPEG4 Part 10 is supported.

You will need to transcode … Read More »

Is my Scala 5 product eligible for an update?

Your access to updates is determined by the Scala Advantage expiration date.

.All Scala 5 products include one year of Scala Advantage when first purchased. You will need to purchase additional years of Scala Advantage after the first year. You can find your Scala Advantage Support expire date for Content Manager … Read More »

Designer 5 Release 1.0 not functioning on 3 GB-User/1GB-System.

Scala 5 Designer, Release 1.0 does not function on machines with more than 2GB of system memory where the memory map has been configured for a 3 GB-User/1GB-System split.

The basic GUI does come up–however most/all playback operations appear to be non functional.

How do I find my Scala Designer 5 serial number?

To find the Designer 5 serial number select the Help menu, select About Scala Designer 5, and the serial number is listed next to Scala Designer USB Key Serial Number.

Is there workaround for videos hanging on last frame before starting the next video?

When a video finishes and new one starts it takes a fraction of a second for the new video to build its first frame causing the previous video to maintain its last frame until the new video is ready to start.

This is a workaround example for playing 2 videos back-to-back … Read More »

What Windows platforms support Designer 5?

Supported Windows platforms for Scala 5.

Windows 7 (32 bit):

Starting with Release 5.1 Scala Designer 5, Content Manager 5, and Player 5 are now supported on Windows 7 (32 bit) version. Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate platforms are supported.

Windows 7 (64 bit)

Starting with Release 5.1.9 Scala Designer 5, Content Manager 5, … Read More »

What hardware is recommended for Designer or Player?

Server hardware recommendations vary by the size of your network and by the amount and frequency of content that you intend to transfer. For detailed recommendations, please download this PDF. Recommendations are just that, recommended. You may find other configurations that are more suited to your network or budget.

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