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What TV Tuner Cards are supported for the Scala 5 TV Tuner EX Module?

Supported analog TV Tuner cards:

Card: AVerMedia AVerTV Bravo Hybrid PCI-E
Product page :

Available for $52.99 at:

Card: PixelView PlayTV Cinema A2200 Analogue
Device: PV-A416P Analogue, Interface: PCI
Supported in Scala 5:  S-video, Composite, Analog Tuner
Not supported in Scala 5: FM Radio


Note: Europe only (best quality from all the newly tested cards)
Card: PixelView PlayTV Cinema … Read More »

What is the maximum length of cable for a DVI and VGA?

Using copper cable it would appear that the limits are approximately 1600×1200@60Hz to one meter and 1024×768@60Hz to 9 meters with appropriate signal strength from the graphics adapter. [repeater may be required for longer lengths and there are "Fiber-Optic/electrical-to-light-to-electrical cables available that permit lengths to 100's of meters--see below]

DVI-D Copper … Read More »

What hardware and software is unsupported by Scala and can not be recommended?

It’s unfortunate that we have to have such a list, but we’ve done quite a lot of testing with various configurations and can save you a lot of time if you were thinking of choosing one of these.

Please note that many manufacturers release new drivers regularly, so this information may … Read More »

Can you give me an example of a hardware configuration for running a broadcast digital signage network?

Scalable Example Configuration for Broadcast Corporate Communications

A large mid-western manufacturing firm needed a system to broadcast corporate information to over 300 factories nationwide with an architecture that can scale up to cover all corporate communications needs worldwide, both internal and external, into the next century.
Seamless Integration Satellite Network
Scala’s InfoChannel IC200 … Read More »

Can you give me an example of a hardware configuration for running a cable TV channel?

1997 IC Player Configuration: The Lenfest Cable Television Solution Example

Lenfest, the eighth largest cable “multiple system operator” (MSO) in the United States, through its Suburban Cable TV subsidiaries, was in need of a “Cable Photo Classified” solution in the Philadelphia area. Scala provided a robust rack-mounted head-end solution for 14 … Read More »

What genlocks and scan converters can I use for computer-to-TV conversion?

Vine Micro & TV One Multimedia

Genlock and Scan Converters: Vine Micros (UK) & TV One Multimedia (US distributor) makers of a line of Genlocks and Scan Converters. We can recommend the Vine MultiGen Pro (also known as DeltaScan Pro GL) and we are keen on testing their newest product, the … Read More »

What uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), cases, and fans are recommended for use with Scala?

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
APC series of products with the PowerShute software.
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with RS232 control: Required on all Scala IC3 systems. We can recommend APC series of products with the PowerShute software and cable.

Rack-mount ATX Factor Case.
Any appropriate “Rack-mount” ATX form factor case that has at least three … Read More »

What modifications can I make to the Windows configuration to improve stability and performance?

General suggestions:

Scala 5 is supported on the following Windows Platforms:

All Scala 5 products will be supported Windows 7 32 bit with Release 5.1. Windows 7 64 bit is targeted to be supported sometime shortly after Release 5.1.

Scala Designer 5 and Player 5 are supported on Windows Vista Business Service Pack … Read More »

What general Windows utilities are available to improve system stability and ease Player deployment?

Short answer: Disable services, remove software, drivers, icons, & fonts not absolutely needed for the computer to function in the environment in which it is placed.

Helpful tips for either OS
We can recommend the use of a disk duplicating tool when attempting to deploy a number of systems. With this, you … Read More »

What Operating Systems are recommended for use with Scala 5?

Supported Windows platforms for Scala 5

Windows 7 (32 bit):

Starting with Release 5.1 Scala Designer 5, Content Manager 5, and Player 5 are now supported on Windows 7 (32 bit) version. Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate platforms are supported.

Windows 7 (64 bit)

Starting with Release 5.1.9 Scala Designer 5, Content Manager 5, … Read More »

How can I get stable, reliable MPEG playback?

Best Practices for encoding / trans-coding Standard Definition content

Note: While 30 fps video playback is easily achieved with the Scala 5 Release 2, it can be challenging to reliably achieve high quality 60 fps playback on most hardware. Scala is making significant changes to our video playback so as to … Read More »

What networking cards and modems are recommended for use with Scala?

Recommended Network Cards

We prefer the Intel PCI based 10/100/1000 EtherExpress Pro series of cards. They have a stable and reliable driver for Windows 2000 and XP Professional. This is built on a lot of 845 and 865 motherboards.

Please note that some PCI bus master cards may starve even the best … Read More »

What should I consider in choosing a RAID array for Scala 5?


Adaptec 2258100-R PCI-Express x8 SATA / SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) 5405 Kit Controller Card – Retail

Adaptec 2244100-R PCI Express SATA / SAS 5805 Controller Card RAID levels 0, 1, 1E, 5, 5EE, 6, 10, 50 and 60, KIT – Retail

Fast hard drives (10 or 15,000 rpm)

2x 5,400 or 7,200 RPM … Read More »

How does hard disk drive configuration impact Scala performance and stability?

Isn’t it amazing how the fastest of computer workstations can be made to appear slow through the inappropriate configuration of its hard disk drive storage system? While computers have increased in performance by a factor of 2000 in the past twenty years and hard disk drives have increased in capacity … Read More »

How much and what types of memory are best for Scala Players?

The better the RAM, the better our performance. We tested with good quality PC3200/DDR400CL2.5 ram and its about 10% lower frame copy times than with the best PC2700/DDR333CL2.5 ram. The overall difference between the test sample of PC3200 (=400Mhz) and the worse

PC2700 (=333Mhz) ram is close to 60% on the … Read More »

What attributes of microprocessors affect Scala’s performance and CPU bandwidth?

Scala’s MMOS core is a very well crafted multi-threaded application. Scala makes good use of CPU resources – and depending on the nature of the ScalaScript content MMOS wants as much as it can get! In the Windows2000/WindowsXP environment an interesting effect can be seen: Two relatively slow processors are … Read More »

What are the best audio cards and audio chips to use with Scala? How do audio cards affect performance?

Audio CODEC’s:

An “Audio CODEC” is the primary “chip” in a motherboard or add-in card “Sound Adapter”.  Since these chips can be implemented in many different ways—and are generally subject to very frequent device driver updates—this list is by no means complete nor can it be considered that a given chip mentioned here will actually … Read More »

What hardware is recommended for Designer or Player?

Server hardware recommendations vary by the size of your network and by the amount and frequency of content that you intend to transfer. For detailed recommendations, please download this PDF. Recommendations are just that, recommended. You may find other configurations that are more suited to your network or budget.

What hardware is recommended for Scala Content Manager?

Server hardware recommendations vary by the size of your network and by the amount and frequency of content that you intend to transfer. Recommendations are just that, recommended. You may find other configurations that are more suited to your network or budget.


For detailed recommendations, please download one of the below Server … Read More »

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