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What VCRs are support in the IC3 VCR EXtension?

VCR EX supported VCRs:
- Panasonic AG5700
- Panasonic AG7150/7350/7355 VCR’s
- Pioneer laserdisc
- Sony Serial protocol compatible RS422 interface VCR
- Sony RS232 controlled UVW VCR’s, 1200/1400/1800

What switchers are supported in the IC3 Switcher EXtension?

The Switcher EXtension supportes the following switchers:

- Adrienne AEC-1/SIO (GVG TEN-XL)
- DPS RS-2800 4×1
- GVG Performer 10×1
- Knox RS-8×8
- Knox RS-12×2
- Kramer VS-402
- Kramer SIS-4×4
- Kramer 2081/2481 8×1
- Kramer 2516/2616 16×16
- Kramer VS x01xl, VS x01xlm, VS x11 (old protocol)
- All Kramer Protocol 2000 switchers
- Vutrix MT2A
- Pesa Model-162 16×2
- … Read More »

What Leightronix devices are supported in the IC3 Leightronix EXtension?

Leightronix EXtension supported switchers:

- Leightronix Mini-T-Pro
- Leightronix Pro-8
- Leightronix Pro-16

With Release 7.3 we now support the Mini-T-Net (RS-232 interface only)

How do I forward to NM3 using a NAT IPAddress on a Firewall?

As for forwarding to the Network Manager you need to setup Port Forwarding on your hub for FTP port 21 to go to the Network Manager. Most likely you have a utility program for the hub to do that.

In NotePad create a file call MMOS.ini. Add the line [Scala], next … Read More »

How to make Network Manager a service?

1.Copy SRVANY.EXE and INSTSRV.EXE from the Windows Resource Kit to your Windows\System32 directory.

2.Select a name for your service, NetManager for instance, and install it as a new service by typing the following at an MS-DOS prompt:
INSTSRV NetManager C:\windows\system32\SRVANY.EXE (Modify path as necessary)

If the new service is created successfully, the following … Read More »

How can I use Scala’s Built-in Direct-FTP Server when my IC3 Player is behind a NAT or is using dynamic IP (and therefore can’t use Player Direct-FTP)?

You can use the built-in Direct-FTP server with your player polling (job command)folders on your Netowrk Manager system. You need to do a couple of things on the Network Manager side first, before you configure your IC3 Players.

In the default installation, InfoChannel 3 creates a bunch of folders in the … Read More »

We have installed McAfee virus protection and I can no longer FTP in Scala.

It may be that your network administrator choose to block the FTP inbound and outbound ports in McAfee. You can either turn this feature off or exclude InfoChannel 3 from the port block.

To change this setting got to McAfee’s VirusScan Console, select Access Protection, and under ‘Ports to Block’ you … Read More »

How to redirect data on an IC Player 3 system?

To redirect data from the normal Windows-standard configuration to a new location use the MMOS.INI keyword WIN32_RootDataFolder = “Path”. At least Release 4 is required.

How to setup IC3 Player Auto Reboot, Auto Login, and Auto Start?

Setup for IC3 Player Auto Reboot, Auto Login, and Auto Start.

Auto Reboot

1. In Network Manager create a job and ADD the Maintenance Task for Reboot.
2. Select the Player.
3. Choose the Trigger At Time you desire.
4. Click OK, and Submit Changes.

Auto Logon (Windows 2000)

1. On the Player, go to START / … Read More »

What does there error 178.82 in the IC.Log mean?

This error will occur when the Player is unable to poll the point-to-point location of the Player folder to receive job instructions from the Network Manager system. If you are receiving jobs without problem then it is that case that sometimes it is connecting and after re-trying it gets the … Read More »

Are we able to span the IC3 player over the 2 outputs of a DualHead video card?

Using 2 outputs of a DualHead video card with IC3 Player

IC3 R4a will function fine on a “2x output video card” without anything special

(1) The card has a single graphics chip and a single frame buffer and it is configured to operate in a single frame buffer mode. Chips/cards which … Read More »

I am getting a Master Key error when auto starting my IC3 Player

Getting a Master Key error when auto starting the IC3 Player may be caused by Windows starting the IC3 Player application before initializing the dongle port. This can be corrected by delaying the start of the IC3 Player applications. To accomplish this you need remove the ICPlayerNet.exe and ICPlayer.exe paths … Read More »

How do I rotate the resolution for the Panasonic VC250?

Update Intel Driver,

[1] Download latest Intel 855me driver from

Set the screen resolution in the BOIS.

The interface between the VC250 and the Hosts PDP is digital and not analogue. The VC250 can fit into multiple screens. How does the VC250 “know” what is the native display resolution of the PDP? … Read More »

Daylight Saving Time Changes, Scala Systems Need Update

Beginning in 2007, most of the United States begins Daylight Saving Time at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in March and reverts to standard time on the first Sunday in November. This is a change from previous years, and systems that were set to “automatically adjust” for Daylight Saving … Read More »

I am typing in my serial number to load WinDVD and I am getting an invalid serial number message.

The serial number entry for loading in WinDVD is case sensitive.

How do I get a InfoChannel Designer 3 CD replacement?

To obtain a replacement CD please do the following:

You will need to send a letter via standard International AirPost in a standard business envelope to:

Scala, Inc.
Attn: IC Designer 3 media replacement
350 Eagle View Boulevard
Suite 150
Exton, PA 19341

This letter must contain the following:

A photocopy of your Purchase Order/Invoice (or Sales … Read More »

How do I configure the Sigma Netstream 2000 or Netstream 2000 TV card for InfoChannel 3?

Note: The Sigma NetStream 2000 card is functional with the MCI MPEG EX starting with IC3 Release 4.

Setup for IC Designer 3:

Select in IC Designer 3/Tools/Options/EXes. After placing a check mark next to MCI MPEG EX, and double click on the MCI MPEG EX to get the MCI MPEG EX … Read More »

I want to launch an external program from Scala on a published CD-ROM. Where do I put the file on the CD-ROM and what path do I use in the ‘Launch EX’?

When you publish as a Stand-Alone CD you are creating the necessary files in a temporary folder before you burn to a CD. In this temporary folder you will find a new folder named after your script. For an example if your script is called, then after publishing you … Read More »

What is Linked Content and how is it used?

What is it used for?
InfoChannel 3 handles content as belonging to a publish script and all those files are linked to that published script when residing on an IC3 Player. When there is the need to introduce content from DIFFERENT SOURCES. I.e. content that originates from two different departments/companies/FTP sites, … Read More »

The Date/Time/Weekday format is not same when running in IC Designer 3. How do I correct this?

To define Date, Time, or Weekday to a particular format to be used in InfoChannel 3 you must do the following steps.

1. In Designer 3 create a Special Event in your script.
2. Click on the Branch module for that Special Event.
3. Click on Set Variable
4. Type one of the follow … Read More »

After installing IC3 my 16-bit executables fail to run. How do I correct this?

In IC3 (up through Release 4, but now fixed in Release 4a), when the Scala installer installed the key driver, an additional driver component was selected that should not have been. On some systems, this additional component can cause 16-bit executables to fail to run. Since 16-bit executables are quite … Read More »

I have a production installer of InfoChannel Designer 3 that is earlier than Release 4, and can not install without removing my Designer 1

Starting with the production version of Release 4 Designer 3 will install without removing the original IC Designer. If you have a production installer of InfoChannel Designer 3 that is earlier than the Release 4 version you can do the following to allow both Designers to co-exist on the same … Read More »

I published a script, but when the players play the script, it is missing some of its media

This can occur if your using the exclamation point in any of your filenames or folder names. For instance…


Scala recognizes the exclamation point as a special character (specifically a variable), and does not include any artwork that uses it. The workaround is not to use the exclamation point when working … Read More »

Are there features in InfoChannel Designer 3 that are not usable when publishing stand-alone CDs or a Web Component?

The InfoChannel 3 WinScript EX, TextFile EX, Schedule EX, Serial EX, MCI MPEG EX, Optibase EX, Billing EX, Global Text Crawl, and Flash files are features of the InfoChannel 3 network only. These features are only functional using Designer 3, and the network IC3 Player software. These network features are … Read More »

848×480 on Plasmas

When displaying 848×480 on 16:9 plasmas like the NEC PlasmaSync 50MP2, you need select “Wide2″ for “RGB Select” in the Options menu. Otherwise the plasma will scale the image very poorly resulting in pixelation of curved and diagonal lines.

Plasmas such as the Hitachi CMP4203W do not have a similar mode. … Read More »

How do I get chart or table graphics from Excel into InfoChannel 3?


For Charts:

1. When you create your chart, create it as an object on a sheet, rather than as a new sheet in your workbook. You need this in order to easily resize, for reasons explained below.

2. You’ll probably want to turn off the border by right-clicking on … Read More »

Getting line breaks using TextFile EX

InfoChannel normally recognizes ^n as the code for return, but the Textfile EX actually displays it literally rather than interpret it. It converts it to ^^n. The extra ^ forces the ^n to appear as text.

To work around it you need to create a 2nd variable that changes the ^^n … Read More »

How to turn Global Text Crawl On and Off?

Below is an example of simple script that turns Global Text Crawl on and off. You can copy it into Notepad, and save it as Global Load it into IC3 Designer and run.

You must add the Active switch for Global Text Crawl in ScalaScript language using a text editor.

For … Read More »

When I publish to video, sound is not captured

By design, Publish to Video currently does not capture audio output.

Can I use the built-in Direct-FTP Server to publish from IC Designer 3 InfoChannel Network to a publish location on the Network Manager Server?

Yes you can use the built-in Direct-FTP for publishing from a remote IC Designer 3 to the Network Manager Server. This will eliminate the need for a 3rd party FTP Server such as IIS or Bullet Proof to be installed.

The Direct-FTP connection is done by using the IC3 Player login … Read More »

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