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IC100 Output to Television Considerations

There are a number of “VGA/SVGA to composite encoder” or “scan converter” products on the market, which take the output of a computer’s graphics card and convert it to the NTSC or PAL video standards. Typically, the less-expensive products offer only consumer quality video. More expensive units offer industrial quality … Read More »

Scala IC200 tells me that the Master Scala Key is required but not present. I have the key and it is on but it just won’t work.

One of the following conditions is true:

(1) The IC200 Master Dongle is not connected to the printer port.

(2) The Printer port connector or the cable from the computer’s motherboard to the connector is loose or a “pin” in the connector is pushed back.

(3) The HASP Dongle device driver in not … Read More »

What is the TCP/IP port number to open InfoChannel?

The port number is 20051.

To test to check whether the router is blocking the Scala port # 20051 you can type in the command prompt Telnet, then the name of the player or player IP Address, and port # 20051. It will make a temporary connection if it is correct … Read More »

How do I configure the Hollywood Plus card in IC200?

First you must turn on the MCI MPEG EX in IC200/Tools/Options/Scala EX Modules. After placing a check mark next to MPEG.EX double click on the MCI MPEG EX to get the MCI MPEG EX Options.

It is key that you set the Display Mode in the MPEG EX to be the … Read More »

Why is there is a 99 line limit when I try to import a text file into IC-200?

The limit of 99 is for maximum number of lines on a single page. Creating a 2nd page will pickup where the first page left off. If you have a text document that is 150 lines, you set 99 on the first page and when displaying !Line1 to !Line99, you … Read More »

I have downloaded the latest service pack for IC200 and installed it on the Master and the Player stations, but immediately after starting the player it is hanging on the Startup splash screen and will not play my script. What is wrong?

It is important for Service Packs to match on both the IC200 Master and Player stations. It is just as important for the scripts playing to reflect these updates and changes made during the installation of these Service Packs. The script that was playing prior to the introduction of the … Read More »

Why doesn’t IC200 have advanced features to create graphics or edit photographs like Photoshop?

There are plenty of other types of software devoted solely to editing graphics, and photographs. These products include Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. They are specialty products designed expressly for that function. Scala’s Designer is an authoring system works nicely in combination with Adobe’s Photoshop and in fact ships with … Read More »

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