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What is DOOH / Digital Out of Home?

Digital Out of Home or DOOH refers to digital media used for marketing purposes outside of the home. This excludes TV advertising and radio advertising, but includes digital signage. This is sometimes hyphenated as digital-out-of-home or abbreviated as DOOH. The term digital out of home (DOOH) is usually used in … Read More »

What makes Scala different from other multimedia software?

Anyone who has seen Scala in person sees right away that it’s something special. It’s hard to explain what it is about Scala that gets people excited. Perhaps it is the fact that after all these years of postage-stamp sized multimedia, Scala has preserved the unique user interface that is … Read More »

Why use Scala instead of MPEG video?

It would seem that traditional video production and MPEG would be the content-vehicle of choice for plasma signage networks, and not Scala. Not so! Scala will give you a content-vehicle that is so easy to produce for that you can keep fresh material going 24 hours a day, 7 days … Read More »

Why is Scala perfect for plasma screens?

Scala Is The De Facto Standard Software for Plasma.
You found the definitive website for issues concerning computers and plasma screens. Scala is the de facto standard software for driving truly large-scale networks of plasma screen signage. Scalable multimedia means that you can start out with one computer station for both … Read More »

Who needs to know about Scala multimedia software for plasma?

Run Extremely Scalable Multimedia Networks (great for plasma screens)
Scala is the best-of-breed software component for running extremely scalable multimedia networks of plasma screen-based dynamic signage. Scala is the de facto standard and industry leader in this emerging industry, having solved every problem you are bound to encounter. Using Scala is … Read More »

What are the definitions for different types of Multimedia?

Multimedia is the encompass of all media used in electronics, particularly with computers. The use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated way. Long touted as the future revolution in computing, multimedia applications were, until the mid-90s, uncommon due to the expensive hardware required. … Read More »

Scalable digital multimedia broadcasting networks

Scalable business solutions.
The idea of scalable multimedia is analogous to the idea of scalable business enterprise solutions. You can start small, with very little network infrastructure support. In fact, a single computer can serve as both the creative station, and the public playback display engine. But much more frequently, two … Read More »

Why is Scala better for dynamic signage than video production and vector graphics?

Produce More Video and Animation While Charging Less.
There are things you can do in Scala that take much less time than video production or vector-based animation. Scala visual effects are attention grabbing and will influence buyer behavior. They are easy to produce, requiring only slightly more skills than what PhotoShop … Read More »

Why Is Choosing The Right Software Important For Digital Signage?

Plasma Screens Are Infiltrating Every Nook And Cranny.
Flat panel displays are infiltrating every part of our lives, from automatic teller machines (ATMs), to shopping carts, to shopping malls. Everywhere you look, there they are. Through these new public venues, spam will reach new frontiers, and soon, every nook and cranny … Read More »

Notes on Windows XP Service Pack 2, various other recent Microsoft Critical Updates, and Scala IC3 Release 7.2+

Based on Scala’s internal testing to date, there are no known issues with Windows XP SP2 and Scala IC3 Release 7.2. On a properly configured PC, Scala IC3 R7.2 runs as intended on WXPsp2.

PLEASE NOTE: “On a properly configured PC!” Service Pack 2 introduces some system complexities with regard to … Read More »

What is LED Digital Signage?

LED digital signage simply refers to digital signage that uses LED screens as the digital display sign where content is displayed. LED stands for light emitting diode which is just a fancy way of saying tiny light bulb. In an LED display, thousands of these tiny light bulbs are lined … Read More »

What is LCD Digital Signage?

LCD digital signage simply refers to digital signage that uses LCD screens as the digital display where content is displayed. LCD stands for liquid crystal display and is most often used in indoor settings. LCD screens are very popular for digital signage and some even have built in PCs to … Read More »

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