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What VCRs are support in the IC3 VCR EXtension?

VCR EX supported VCRs:
- Panasonic AG5700
- Panasonic AG7150/7350/7355 VCR’s
- Pioneer laserdisc
- Sony Serial protocol compatible RS422 interface VCR
- Sony RS232 controlled UVW VCR’s, 1200/1400/1800

What switchers are supported in the IC3 Switcher EXtension?

The Switcher EXtension supportes the following switchers:

- Adrienne AEC-1/SIO (GVG TEN-XL)
- DPS RS-2800 4×1
- GVG Performer 10×1
- Knox RS-8×8
- Knox RS-12×2
- Kramer VS-402
- Kramer SIS-4×4
- Kramer 2081/2481 8×1
- Kramer 2516/2616 16×16
- Kramer VS x01xl, VS x01xlm, VS x11 (old protocol)
- All Kramer Protocol 2000 switchers
- Vutrix MT2A
- Pesa Model-162 16×2
- … Read More »

What Leightronix devices are supported in the IC3 Leightronix EXtension?

Leightronix EXtension supported switchers:

- Leightronix Mini-T-Pro
- Leightronix Pro-8
- Leightronix Pro-16

With Release 7.3 we now support the Mini-T-Net (RS-232 interface only)

I am unable to install the Aladdin HASP dongle driver on my Windows XP SP2 system

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel have defined and shipped Windows-compatible architectures that are compatible with Windows XP SP2 Data Execution Prevention (DEP). Beginning with Windows XP SP2, the 32-bit version of Windows uses no-execute page-protection (NX) processor feature as defined by AMD, or the Execute Disable Bit (XD) feature … Read More »

What Touch Screen companies do you suggest?

Scala has been working with touch screen technology with two companies for the last 10 years…

You can obtain information from their websites:

ELO Touch Systems


MicroTouch Systems, Inc

While using QuickTime I am getting a cut to black?

Quicktime files are compressed and if your movie is large it may need time
to decompress. You can try transcoding from Quicktime to MPEG. This delay could also be caused by file caching size.

The Cut to black during page wipes can be caused by unmatched resolutions between the pages. You can … Read More »

I can’t get Quicktime files to work in Scala. Why?

As documented with the product, Scala Designer supports the “Open QuickTime v.3.0″ format or earlier only. QuickTime 4, 5 or 6 files and files that are encoded with proprietary CODEC’s–e.g. Sorensen, can not be used.

Starting with Scala 5 Release QuickTime H-264 MPEG4 Part 10 is supported.

You will need to transcode … Read More »

What genlocks and scan converters can I use for computer-to-TV conversion?

Vine Micro & TV One Multimedia

Genlock and Scan Converters: Vine Micros (UK) & TV One Multimedia (US distributor) makers of a line of Genlocks and Scan Converters. We can recommend the Vine MultiGen Pro (also known as DeltaScan Pro GL) and we are keen on testing their newest product, the … Read More »

How can I get stable, reliable MPEG playback?

Best Practices for encoding / trans-coding Standard Definition content

Note: While 30 fps video playback is easily achieved with the Scala 5 Release 2, it can be challenging to reliably achieve high quality 60 fps playback on most hardware. Scala is making significant changes to our video playback so as to … Read More »

What are the best audio cards and audio chips to use with Scala? How do audio cards affect performance?

Audio CODEC’s:

An “Audio CODEC” is the primary “chip” in a motherboard or add-in card “Sound Adapter”.  Since these chips can be implemented in many different ways—and are generally subject to very frequent device driver updates—this list is by no means complete nor can it be considered that a given chip mentioned here will actually … Read More »

Where can I find my Ad Manager serial number?

In Ad Manager, go to the Help pulldown menu, and select About Scala Ad Manager 5…

The About dialog will show the serial number, in the form of:

Serial number: SSWA-DMGR-xxxx-yyyy-zzzz

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