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Why does the Player IC.log show a missing font error?

Scala 5 is not licensed to transfer proprietary fonts from one system to another. You need to install this font on the Player under the license agreement you have with the font manufacturer.

How to change the Player’s Content folder location?

You can change the Player’s Content folder location with the WIN32_RootDataFolder MMOS.ini call.

If you do not have an existing MMOS-ini file you can create one in NotePad. Example, it should look as follows:

WIN32_RootDataFolder = “D:\MyNewScalaDataFolder”

Save the MMOS.ini file to the Player’s program folder. (default path) C:\Program files\Scala\Player 5

Once saved you … Read More »

How to reset a Player’s signature?

In Content Manager / Network / Players / Player Properties, click on ‘Reassign Player License to Another Player’’ on the right side.

In Scala Player 5 Configuration / Network tab, select Refresh and select a Content Manager Player name.

Restart the Player’s Transmission Client.

In Content Manager / Network / Player Health / … Read More »

How to turn off Dr. Watson Visual Notification window on Scala pre-configured systems?

It is possible that Dr.Watson can display a visual notification window, which will appear over the Player’s viewing area. The visual notification can be turned off. Also Dr. Watson is not dumping mini-crash files.

The attached REG file will fix the configuration of the Dr.Watson on a the following pre-configured systems:

Samsung … Read More »

Fix Dr. Watson debugger

Pre-configure Player systems prompted with Dr. Watson debugger window can be turned off.

HLM_DrWtsnSettings_HLM_SW_MsDrWtsn.reg — Octet Stream, 0Kb

Is my Scala 5 Product Eligible for an Update?

Your Scala Software Suite is able to access updates any time before your Scala Advantage end date. All Scala 5 products include one year of Scala Advantage. Purchasing additional years will extend your download access date.

You can locate your Scala Advantage end date for Scala Content Manager by selecting the … Read More »

Daylight Saving Time Changes, Scala Systems Need Update

Beginning in 2007, most of the United States begins Daylight Saving Time at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in March and reverts to standard time on the first Sunday in November. This is a change from previous years, and systems that were set to “automatically adjust” for Daylight Saving … Read More »

Video Quality Playback suggestions and issues

Scala 5 Playback of video files does not currently implement any form of “post-processing”/”image enhancement” common to dedicated video playback devices. In order to obtain the “best” visual results in InfoChannel 5 it is necessary to encode video clips with the “post-processing” that is often done by “Dedicated Video Playback … Read More »

How to remotely update the release on an EWF protected Scala 5 Player?

This can be done by using the Remote Player Update.

1. Download the current remote Player update from Example:


2. In Content Manager 5 go to the Network tab, and select Maintenance Jobs. Click on Upload Files to load ‘’. Click on ‘New’ and give the Job a name. Click on … Read More »

How much and what types of memory are best for Scala Players?

The better the RAM, the better our performance. We tested with good quality PC3200/DDR400CL2.5 ram and its about 10% lower frame copy times than with the best PC2700/DDR333CL2.5 ram. The overall difference between the test sample of PC3200 (=400Mhz) and the worse

PC2700 (=333Mhz) ram is close to 60% on the … Read More »

How to Auto Reboot, Auto Login, and Auto Start Scala 5?

Scala Player 5 Auto Reboot :

1. In Content Manager 5 create a Maintenance job and ADD the Reboot Task.
2. Select the Player.
3. Schedule the time you desire. A weekly reoccurance is suggested.
4. Save to submit Changes.

Scala Player 5 Auto Logon: (Windows XP, Server 2003, Windows 7, & Windows 2008)

1. Click … Read More »

How to create a borderless Window in Scala 5

Scala 5 can run on the desktop as a top-most borderless window of arbitrary or full size. You can specify the left, top, width and height. As an example, add this to your MMOS.INI:

DESKTOP_Borderless = 1
DESKTOP_TopMost = 1
DESKTOP_CustomPosition = 100 50 800 600

Omitting DESKTOP_CustomPosition will make the window fill the … Read More »

What Windows platforms support Player 5?

Supported Windows platforms for Scala 5.

Windows 7 (32 bit):

Starting with Release 5.1 Scala Designer 5, Content Manager 5, and Player 5 are now supported on Windows 7 (32 bit) version. Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate platforms are supported.

Windows 7 (64 bit)

Starting with Release 5.1.9 Scala Designer 5, Content Manager 5, … Read More »

What hardware is recommended for Designer or Player?

Server hardware recommendations vary by the size of your network and by the amount and frequency of content that you intend to transfer. For detailed recommendations, please download this PDF. Recommendations are just that, recommended. You may find other configurations that are more suited to your network or budget.

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