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Does SignChannel have any reporting that can be used for billing to advertisers based on content that has been running from scheduler?

That is a feature that has been requested many times, and we understand the value of it. We will have something available in a future release of SignChannel.

How do I subscribe to USAToday (or other) RSS feeds?

Sometimes you have to search a little to find the right feed format on a publication’s RSS page.  Click on the link that says “subscribe to this feed using your favorite reader.XML” or “view feed XML”. Cut and paste that URL into the Custom RSS Text Channel.

In a Custom RSS channel, how do you see the rest of the story?

You will not see the rest of the story. The Channel is just for the headline (and picture if available) and a short paragraph to be a little informative and grab someones attention. It may only be on the screen for 10 seconds.

Can I upload audio files to SignChannel?

No. You would have to make a simple movie and add the audio track to it.

Can I connect the video outputs of the players to multiple displays at the same time?

Yes, the IAdea XMP series and the Brightsign players supports simultaneous (mirrored) output to HDMI and VGA. You can connect 2 displays with this method.

I tried uploading a video with the extension of m4v and I get a “format not supported”.

For m4v files, simply change the file extension to mp4

What are the hours for tech support?

9am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday

How do you adjust the volume on a IAdea XDS-195 19″ display?

You can adjust the volume through screen’s menu. You have to unlock the key first, then adjust the volume. Press the menu button, then up, down, up, down, menu to disable key lock. Now you can adjust the volume. Menu auto locks after 5 seconds of inactivity.

My BrightSign player does not show the Activation Code, only the BrightSign logo.

Make sure the SD card is inserted into the player and that is contains the “autorun.brs” file that points to SignChannel.

How do I adjust the volume on my player?

If you have a digital signboard, you can go int the menu and adjust the volume. If you have a media player, you adjust the volume at the TV or monitor.

What does the “Maximum number of slides:” mean in the channel configuration area?

If you have 10 slides available in the channel, if you set the “Maximum number of slides:” to equal 3, then only the first 3 slides will show each time the channel is played. It’s primary use is for something like Reuters news. There may be many slides in a … Read More »

Is there a way to group content together in the library?

Yes, you can sort by Date or Name. You can also just view Movies, Slides or Assets. Assets are graphics that were uploaded into a Template.

Can I access the pictures in my FaceBook account?

Yes, In the “Players & Playlists” area, Just type facebook in the search. Then drag the FaceBook channel into your playlist. You will then be directed to log into your FaceBook account and allow SignChannel access to your pictures.

Can I move my player to another location?

Yes, Once the player has been activated in your SignChannel account, you may move it anywhere that has internet connection. The player will continue to download the same playlist assigned in your account. If your player is setup on wireless, you will need to change the Network and Password for … Read More »

Can I upload my .swf flash file to SignChannel?

SignChannel can deliver virtually any file format to a player, however, the player must be capable of playing flash files. No players at this time support Flash.

What is the SD card for on the BrightSign player?

The SD card contains a small script that allows the player to work with SignChannel. The card can also be also used to update the players Firmware. The player uses the card to store the content of your playlist so if you ever loose internet connection it can play out … Read More »

When Using the Configuration utility for the IAdea player, how long should it take to finish?

It only takes a few minutes for the configuration to take place. When finished, the player will reboot by itself.

I am having trouble with getting an internet connection in one of my remote locations. How do I get a playlist to play on the player?

You could load the playlist onto the player at a location that has a good internet connection. Then you could unplug the unit and move it to the remote location. The player should always play out of cache. There is a chance, however, that the playlist in memory could become … Read More »

I don’t have a player yet. How accurate is the preview window in SignChannel? Will I see the white screen and Quick Time logo when playing a video?

No you will not.  We included the preview to give you a rough idea of how your playlist would play. The output to your player will be as good as the content you upload. When you upload a video to SignChannel we trans code it twice. We create a small, … Read More »

I have a large video that I want to start playing at exactly 3:00pm.

Unlike a DVD player that starts playing as soon as you push the button, a media player will have to download the file from the internet into its memory first. Depending on the size, this could take some time. If the video has already been loaded into the player, Some … Read More »

How do I schedule a night shift that goes from 8:30pm to 7:30am the next day, Sunday through Friday?

You would create two identical channels and put them both in the playlist. Adjust the start and stop time for each day so your content is displayed when you want it.

How do I select multiple files at one time to make uploading easier?

Google Chrome and Firefox browsers support multiple file uploads.

1) Click the upload button on SignChannel like you normally do.

2) If the files are all next to each other, hold the “SHIFT” key down on your keyboard and select the first and last file. All of the files in between will … Read More »

I click on the upload button, but nothing happens.

You are probably using Internet Explorer 7 or below. Please update your browser to IE8 or higher. You can also use Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari with SignChannel.

Who can I contact to get the subscriptions added to my account?

It should be automatic when you purchased your subscription but if you are having a problem contact

Why are there two Display Duration areas for the slides?

You can set a Display duration in a Channel for all slides, but the Display duration within the slide will over ride the channel display duration. For videos, you do not need to enter a “Display duration:” If you do, it is ignored and the video will play in its … Read More »

Can I have a real time clock in my playlist?

Not at this time. Once a player downloads its content from SignChannel, it plays it several times before it request new content. A real time clock would not be accurate.

How do I add a RSS feed to a playlist?

To find the RSS text channel, under “Players & Playlist” tab. Type “RSS” into the search window, then drag the “Custom RSS Text Channel” into your playlist.

Next, find a valid RSS feed on the web that you would like to add. See sample below.

Click on the gear to edit the … Read More »

Can I attach a 3g USB modem to the IAdea players?

No, the player is not a PC. There are no drivers available for the modem to work. You can use a Mifi/cradlepoint router to connect the player to the internet. It translates Wifi to 3G/4G and back. At the time of this writing, IAdea is announcing new players with this … Read More »

My IAdea player is showing the “Welcome Screen”

If you are seeing the Welcome Screen, you may need to reconfigure your player to point to SignChannel. Use the link to Iadea’s configuration utility. Copy the file to a thumb drive and plug it into the player while it is displaying the Welcome screen.

How do I get into the menu on a IAdea media player?

After the player fully boots up, plug in a USB keyboard. The screen will go black for a few seconds, then the menu will appear.

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