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Exploring Milan with the Touch of a Finger!

Milan visitors and residents now have full access to all public transport schedules and travel and event information around the clock by using the interactive digital signage totem installation across the city that was created by M-Cube, using Scala software.

“ATM advocated this project to provide the city of Milan with a comprehensive … Read More »

VIDEO: Blue Grass Airport Digital Advertising Opportunity – Hammond Communication

Hammond Communications Group, a Scala Certified Partner and leading provider of digital signage solutions, partnered with Blue Grass Airport to provide innovative advertising opportunities with two video wall displays. The digital displays, located in the airport’s high- traffic baggage claim area, offers advertisers a cutting-edge approach and increased flexibility for … Read More »

Scala’s flexibility allows MegaBus to reach consumers in buying mode

The MegaBus channel currently serves 303 HD LCD screens in 101 Russian MegaBuses

“We chose Scala because the software allows for centralized management of an unlimited number of video players, regardless of their location.”
Tony Yammine, IMTV

Quick Facts

Bus company servicing routes between city centres and large shopping malls
303 HD LCD screens, 104 Scala players
3 … Read More »

Digital Communication at Your Service on Your Road Trip

Tank & Rast installs the largest “Autobahn” digital signage network in Europe

 ”An optimal Scala powered digital communication network that creates extra sales and advertising revenue and therefore has a great return on investment.”
Helge Haarig, Scala

Quick Facts:

More than 300 locations
Gas & Rest Stations at motorway
Almost 1,000 players
Screens … Read More »

VIDEO: Larnaca International Airport Implements Eye-Catching Digital Signage

Customer Overview:

After careful deliberation, both the airport advertising provider and the digital screen software company came up with a detailed structure and media mix that would enable advertisers to capitalize on the lucrative consumer groups traveling in the airport, and at the same time maximize revenue for the airport … Read More »

VIDEO: Spectrum Interactive Airport Media Screens

Quote from the Customer:

“This is a perfect additional product to our existing Internet Desks. We believe that our airport Desk Media Screens will generate new revenues for Spectrum and its partners, and help further develop Spectrum’s growing media sales activity. Our site partners are reacting very positively to the flexibility … Read More »

VIDEO: Carnival Cruise Lines Digital Signage

Quote from the Customer:

“The goals of Carnival’s Digital Signage network is to effectively inform, entertain and enhance our guests’ cruise experience,” says Tony Manthe, Production & Design Manager for Carnival Cruise Lines. “Ultimately, our goal is to enhance our guests’ vacation experience and with the Scala product, we are able … Read More »


Aldeasa Uses Digital Signage Managed by ASVideo to Broadcast Advertising to More Than 100 Million People in Spain’s International Airports

Aldeasa is one of the leading airport retail operators in the world, with a wide retail portfolio in both Spanish and international airports. Aldeasa’s management recognized that to communicate with its … Read More »

Milan Transport Agency

Digital Signage Increases Customer Satisfaction and Security on Milan’s Public Transportation Network

The Milan Transport Agency (ATM) is a private organization working in partnership with the City of Milan in Italy. ATM provides all of the public transportation services in the city, including underground, buses and trams.

In 2008, both parties started … Read More »


Visitors of All Major Italian Airports Benefit From Infotainment Powered by Scala
Nationwide network connects to more than 100 million people

When ICMoving defined its main business goals, the company realized that it had to change the television experience as we know it. ICMoving’s ambitious mission is based on becoming the … Read More »


Digital Signage Maximizes Cruising Experience on “Floating Resort Hotel”

As P&O Cruises, Britain’s leading cruise line and part of Carnival UK, started its plans for building its latest and largest cruise ship, it had very clear communication objectives set out to complement its passengers’ holiday experience. P&O Cruises chose a state-of-the-art … Read More »


Transforming Air Travelers’ State of Mind with Eye-Catching Digital Signage in Cyprus

From the first meeting at the construction site offices at Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus, Michael E. Kyriakides, Managing Director of Ad Board Media, set a very clear objective: A state-of-the-art media showcase program that would complement the new … Read More »


Simplifying Content Management in Airport-based Digital Out-of-Home Networks
Network owner JCHEBLY optimizes ad networks in Brazilian airports

Digital out-of-home advertising has been on the rise for the past few years, but in 2010, it may finally take off. With innovations in low-cost digital signage technology allowing more media companies to invest in … Read More »


Monopoly Media Launches Eastern Europe’s Largest Digital Out-of-Home Network

ZOOM TV digital signage network reaches Romania’s travelers, shoppers, commuters, visitors and more

Monopoly Media, one of Romania’s largest advertising agencies and a Scala Certified Partner, has recently completed the deployment of a four-channel, 3,500- screen network designed to reach people across Romania … Read More »

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

BC Ferries Uses Digital Menu Boards to Reach Hungry Cafe Visitors

With more than 22 million passengers a year aboard its network of 38 ships, British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. (BC Ferries) is one of the largest ferry companies in the world. Its three largest routes operate between Vancouver Island and … Read More »

Aldeasa Duty-Free Shops

Aldeasa deploys the first of several multichannel, multiscreen digital signage networks in Palma de Mallorca Airport, Spain
Case study executive overview

Aldeasa, a premium duty-free retail brand located in the Palma de Mallorca Airport, Spain, recognized that in order to effectively communicate with its transient and sometimes time-pressed customers it needed to … Read More »

Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport security checkpoint informs travelers using Scala-powered digital signage

The Challenge

The Oslo Airport (OSL) is Norway’s main airport, servicing 19.3 million passengers in 2008. All travelers must pass through the security checkpoint before boarding a plane.

The security checkpoint was looking for an information network that could give travelers relevant and … Read More »

Viking Line

Viking Line has taken Digital Signage on board
The Challenge

Viking Line commenced service in 1959, when the S/S Viking began sailing between the Finnish mainland, the Åland Islands and Sweden. Today Viking Line has seven vessels, which sail between the Finnish mainland, Åland and Sweden as well as between Finland and … Read More »

Scala Info Channel Takes Off at Santiago International Airport

Scala Info Channel Takes Off at Santiago International Airport

EXTON, PA. May 02, 2007- Scala, Inc., the world’s leading provider of end-to-end digital signage software, today announced that Santiago International Airport has deployed a large digital signage network using Scala InfoChannel offering those passing through the airport critical flight information combined … Read More »

Star Tour

Star Tour Customers Tour the Word with the Aid of a Digital Signage Network
The Challenge

TUI Nordic, part of the world’s largest travel enterprise TUI Travel Plc, operates travel agencies in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland through their premier travel company Star Tour. The enterprise also includes the charter flight company … Read More »

Dubai Airport

Passenger Services at Dubai Airport Leaps Ahead

DUBAI, UAE – Gone are the days when the television was just a gadget of entertainment. But how if it is assigned to enhance the services to the passengers using the Dubai International Airport!

A thought of this kind has triggered the idea of using … Read More »

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines Enhance Customer Experience with Digital Signage
The Challenge

Carnival, recognizing the need to deliver information to their guests quickly and effectively, decided to look toward Digital Signage, and the huge possibilities and potential that this form of communication held in enhancing guests’ “Fun Ship” vacation.

The challenge was to inform, … Read More »

Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Istanbul Atatürk Airport Installs Dynamic Digital Media Network

Istanbul – The digital advertising and communication platform installed at the International terminals of Atatürk Airport creates a distinctive advertising media enabling the airport’s visitors to receive innovative and dynamic branded communications.

Digiboard, a certified Scala Partner in Turkey, installed the Dynamic Digital Media … Read More »

Olaya Herrera Airport

Airport Updates Flight Times From Another City

MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA – Most airports are content to show the absolute minimum information to travelers in terms of flight arrivals and departures. Some may invest in a few sporadic televisions to keep passengers occupied. Olaya Herrera Airport, on the other hand, wanted to deliver … Read More »

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