VIDEO: Amsterdam’s Chamber of Commerce Digital Media Network

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Quote from the Customer:

“The manner in which Hulskamp has been able to converge these different media, additional to the integration of our legacy systems for next customer and meeting room reservations using Scala has added considerable value to our ability to deliver real value to our visitors. The Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce is now enhanced as a destination for business productivity, advice and information in a setting that is modern, efficient and comfortable. We’re delighted with the outcome” – Jeroen van den Boogaard, Marketing Manager for ACC.

Quote from our Scala Certified Parter:

“One of the most important functionalities of this system is showing the queue numbers. Scala helped us develop additional scripting to our DVP2meet solution to connect to the NemoQ system” – Patrick den Dekker, Multimedia Engineer, Hulskamp.

The Challenge:

To offer a digital signage solution that banishes the need for entrepreneurs and business leaders to wait in line, enables remote meeting room reservations, provides up-to-date business information, and offers helpful advice and information on demand via interactive touchpoints.

The Solution:

An innovative “people-first” system was conceived that uses digital media to completely remove the need for physical queues. This enabled the ACC to deliver a new range of value-added services to maximize the benefit members received from their visit and to make the experience more comfortable, productive and rewarding. This was delivered across three core channels:

  1. A broadcast channel delivering way-finding, “next customer” and core ACC information.
  2. A meeting room reservation and notification channel. 3. An interactive channel providing on-demand information to waiting visitors.

The Benefit:

The use of digital media made each visitor’s experience better, faster and simpler, while at the same time providing productivity enhancements, values that business people appreciate.

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