VIDEO: Digital Menu Boards – Bon Appetit Caterers

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Quote from the Customer:

“We’ve certainly found that the products which we promote the most have a drastic upturn in the sale of those products. Since we’ve had the digital menus, it seems we are able to dictate our best selling product.” – Rob Manzi, Bon Appetit

Quote from the SCP:

“Signature Digital Menus have worked hard to bring all of the necessary resources in-house. So from start to finish, a project can be delivered to the customer without them having to talk to anybody else. It’s not about ‘pretty screens’, it’s all about the bottom line. We realize this and we only sell solutions that we believe will help people maximize their business.” – Tony Ingles, Signature Digital Menus

The Challenge:

The challenge was to provide a menu board system which would display the various menus required throughout the day. With the restaurant providing so many varieties of meals, they needed a menu which could change as often as was needed and also be updateable with new items. Digital menus were chosen for the ability to easily manage what was on offer, provide simple day-parting and providing Bon Appetit complete control over their menus at all times via an online system for menu management.

The Solution:

Bon Appetit uses Signature’s online menu tool and Scala to manage their screens. At any time, details for any of the screens can be edited and amended, giving Bon Appetit complete control over their menus. As stock items run out, they can be removed from the menu and it is possible to promote items when they are coming close to their end date. The system allows Bon Appetit to select and edit which menu they wish to show, on which screen at any specific time. This complete control saves them time, money and helps promote their items for additional sales.

The Benefit:

When Bon Appetit wants to run a short term promotion and change their menus, they simply log in from wherever they are, select the menu they wish to edit and make the changes. With such control over what is on offer and the ability to keep their menus fresh and dynamic, Bon Appetit provides a service which truly fits with their “Eat well, eat fresh” image.

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