VIDEO: Ericsson Digital Signage

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Quote from the Customer:

“We get much more impact immediately with all staff and this means we can get actions out there very, very quickly. So I’d say it’s imperative, and has proved invaluable over the last few months.” – Keith Westcott, VP Marketing, Ericsson.

Quote from the SCP:

“We worked with Ericsson to provide screens where they needed them for their offices. We worked with them to deliver the video signal across their network and we also worked very closely with them on the content, to make sure it looked good and conveyed all the messaging they had.” – Peter Critchley, Beaver Solutions

The Challenge:

Beaver Solutions, part of the Beaver Group, has worked with leading provider of telecommunication and data communication systems, Ericsson. Beaver Group has provided a corporate TV system for Ericsson’s 11 locations in the UK and Ireland, known as the Marketing Unit for North West Europe.

The Solution:

The solution, which is based around the Scala software, distributes a range of content, including Spotlight TV (the Ericsson channel), SKY News and live “all employee briefings” via the internal CAT5 cabling infrastructure. The final output is displayed on LCD and Plasma screens located at key meeting points and coffee areas around the building. “With this system, we are also able to host live events utilizing the screens at various locations. So for instance, the quarterly reports, or all-employee meetings, will all get held in one location, but streamed live to every other site,” remarks Adam Lloyd, Head of Internal Communications.

The Benefit:

Charlotte, who is an employee at Guildford commented, “I find it useful. I don’t always get time to read the intranet, but if I happen to be getting a drink or walking by the TV’s, I get an update on what’s actually on the intranet.” Nathan, another employee adds “You’re passing, it catches your eye, you stop and watch an article and then you’ll move on. So I’d say most days you catch something; at least one piece of information.”

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