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Quote from the Customer:

Alior recognized that its service centers acted as a communications channel in their own right. Prospective customers were as likely to visit a center to experience the brand, investigate products and services, and talk to staff as they were to engage traditional and new media at home and online. Alior also recognized that it needed to find a way to convey product and service information to customers but wanted to reduce its carbon footprint and support its green credentials by substantially decreasing its reliance on printed leaflets, brochures, statements and other paper-based products. Its target was a reduction in its consumption of paper-based products by 50 percent compared to traditional retail banking businesses. The diversity of its myriad goals led Alior to the conclusion that digital retail media would enable it to deliver on all of these requirements: its “eureka” moment. Alior subsequently engaged with DDS Poland, a leader in digital signage and retail media communications, to develop a wide range of cutting-edge digital products and services to enhance the customer experience, reinforce its core brand values and promote account growth.

Quote from the SCP:

“The Alior Bank digital retail project is undoubtedly the most advanced implementation of its type in Poland and a leading example of how converged media can work seamlessly to contribute to business growth, improved customer experience and reinforcement of core brand values. I am extremely pleased that the outcome of our work has had such a meaningful impact on Alior and that it has been so complementary to the overall approach of the bank. I am certainly proud to say that the network has reduced the bank’s carbon footprint and made a visible positive difference in the way they do business. I can safely say that Alior’s network has been a great success, as confirmed by the interest it has generated in the rest of the financial market in Poland.” – Leszek Golonka, Managing Director, DDS Poland

The Challenge:

Alior and DDS Poland recognized that four key touchpoints exist within a typical customer journey through and around the store:

  • Front of store
  • Welcome area
  • Counters
  • Banking consultants and rest of store

The Solution:

  1. Front of store: The attractor. High-impact, brief messaging on products, services and brand-building content is displayed on the main street facing window of each service center reaching out into the busy street to capture the attention of passersby. This content is designed to quickly engage, build brand recall and elicit a positive response from the customer, either to visit the bank or go online to find out more about Alior and its offer. A powerful projection system broadcasts Alior Bank content onto a thin transparent film attached to the inside of the window delivering a high-impact/high-contrast message to the street without sacrificing natural light into the store for a brighter, more appealing store environment.
  2. Welcome area: Sign posting & way-finding. As a customer enters Alior Bank, he or she is greeted with a network of large-format (40″+) plasma and LCD screens designed into the retail environment which help them plan what they would like to do, in what order, and where in the store they need to go to fulfill their requirements.
  3. Counters: Perception management. Alior has deployed screens at service counters and as part of a queue management system to provide product and service information to customers waiting to see a consultant. Screens adjacent to the service counters display longer form content for longer average viewing periods during queuing, often anticipated at peak times. This content provides helpful new product, service and brand information to customers while they wait, offering incentives where appropriate.
  4. Banking consultants and rest of store: Rich information, relevantly delivered. Further broadcast screens (one-way communication channels) are located in key areas throughout the store including consulting areas and other areas where queuing is likely. These screens are designed into wall space and, similar to the welcome screens, they provide store-wide coverage for key brand and product information.

The Benefit:

Alior has built the existing multichannel approach into their store concepts and it is likely that customer research conducted will indicate how the service is used by customers, identify which parts are of most value and clarify areas for further development. What is clear from an anecdotal perspective is that Alior and its customers like the digital approach as it underpins many of Aliors brand values. In this regard, digital signage and digital retail media are likely to be seen as integral to the retail offering, not just “bolted on,” as there are tangible benefits that come from deploying digital media. There simply wouldn’t be, for example, any other way to convey the same volume of product and service messaging without using digital media unless the bank reverted to paper, which it has pledged not to do. The adoption of digital as the core in-store communications medium also provides customers with a level of interaction and choice that Alior’s competitors do not currently offer. Not only does this provide additional value to the customer, it also provides a point of difference with competitors and will assist Alior in positioning itself to reach out to the 2-4 percent of the market it has set out to capture.

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