Northern Sweden’s Largest Mall

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DDS Success in Northern Sweden’s Largest Mall

LULEÅ, SWEDEN – Each year there is a slow but dramatic shift from several hours of daylight to darkness as one approaches the Arctic Circle. Here, more than anywhere else, the growing high-tech city of Luleå demands a bright, legible, and attention-grabbing display. And for all of flat panel plasmas’ typical benefits, six screens were not doing the job outdoors. Plus, the original display system was considered too simplistic and not reliable enough, which was not acceptable for the amount of time and money they had invested. Then came Scala to the rescue. Thankfully for the Smedjan shopping complex in northern Sweden, the world’s best visual communication software, Scala InfoChannel, can also output to LED screens.

So on the front of the building, a single, much brighter 312” digital billboard soon replaced the 2x3 plasma matrix that provided a 114” display.As revolutionary as plasma screens have been to dynamic in-store marketing, they are not the best solution for every problem. So on the front of the building, a single, much brighter 312” digital billboard soon replaced the 2×3 plasma matrix that provided a 114” display.

Yet not all was lost when it came to the misused plasmas; they were soon repurposed into indoor digital displays inside the shopping mall also now displaying Scala content with a total of five InfoChannel Players. In addition, there was a screen placed in the conference facilities within the shopping mall, intended for customer shows and demonstrations.

The best part of the revitalized deployment is that everything is controlled in the same network, and updated over the Internet thanks to InfoChannel Network Manager while the content is produced onsite with InfoChannel Designer. The town’s local authorities and clubs are also welcome to use the facilities in order to make announcements, etc. The dynamic digital signage (DDS) success is immense and the advertisement space is fully booked for several months to come.


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