Rock You Like a Hurricane? How Scala Advanced Analytics can help you prep for the storm!

Posted on October 30th, by Megan Delio in Blog, Retail Digital Signage. Comments Off

As many of us on the East Coast of the United States have been experiencing in the past few days, in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, stores have been cleaned out of essential /survival items. If you happened to wander out to the store last night in hope of finding water, batteries, flashlights, candles or shelf stable food you were probably met with retail displays that looked like this:

Wouldn’t it be beneficial if your in store signage was able to help your customers maximize each trip, and increase your bottom line?
For Retailers, predicting and knowing what types of items would be the most in demand could help maximize profit to compensate for the days during and after the storm which they clearly wouldn’t have very much, if any, foot traffic. Using real time data based on both outside sources, such as news and weather, and in store point of sale data Scala Advanced Analytics, would be able to use your stores existing signage system to display products which may be essential but not top of mind to the frantic storm shoppers. It might have even been able to remind me to buy extra matches! Here’s to hoping the lights don’t go out for too long.
Everyone on the East Coast, and in the path of Hurricane Sandy –stay warm and stay safe.

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