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T-Mobile Croatia Communicates With Customers With In-Store Digital Signage System

T-Mobile Croatia is the leading GSM operator in Croatia with 98 percent national coverage. T- Mobile is a subsidiary of THrvatski Telekom.

T-Mobile Croatia is the leading GSM operator in Croatia with 98 percent national coverage. T- Mobile is a subsidiary of THrvatski Telekom.

As a company continually introducing new technologies, T-Mobile recognizes all the advantages of Scala InfoChannel and has installed it in it’s subsidiaries throughout the country including: Croatia; Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek. By this action, T-Mobile seeks to improve communications with their present and future customers by giving them all the information about new products/services at the right time and at the right place.

Simple, quick and effective communication through digital signage and easy-touse dynamic communication through interactive keyboards are the two main effects of Scala InfoChannel project. Interactive communication is available 24/7 to all people who want to be informed about new products/ services or any other information regarding T-Mobile.

T-Mobile in collaboration with their advertising agency and POS Marketing, Scala’s Croatian reseller, creates the T-mobile content, including every brand of mobile phones offered by T-Mobile (Nokia, Siemens, Samsung, etc).

Each InfoChannel Player is placed in one subsidiary and displays special offers of mobile phones or new T-Mobile services.InfoChannel Designer3 is used for creating the content by combining text, graphics, video and sound and it is published into the InfoChannel Network distributing content to 12 InfoChannel Players in T-Mobile subsidiaries. Content is distributed through ADSL and viewed on 22 – 42” Fujitsu Plasma Screens at 6 T-Mobile subsidiaries in Croatia.

In addition to digital signage in 6 subsidiaries in the network, interactive communication, with stratgeically placed keyboards, is implemented in two major subsidiaries and is used to interface with customers 24/7.


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