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Scala utilizes the latest in digital signage technologies to create powerful, visually engaging customer experiences for businesses and retailers. Our digital signage solutions work seamlessly with current and cutting-edge technology such as touchscreen kiosks, assistive selling tools, mobile integration and more, allowing marketers to tailor on-screen messaging in real time. With more than 30 years of experience and in-house experts who create engaging digital display solutions, Scala creates interactive, personalized experiences helping you stand out and get your voice heard.

Industry Leading Software

The Scala platform is a reliable, user friendly professional software program to create, schedule and manage your content. Giving you the opportunity to design, manage and deploy your own content with complete control of when that content is played across all connected devices. Our approach to your project focuses on flexibility in solution offering – our bespoke turnkey digital signage solutions include hardware, installation, support, professional services as well as managed services. Scala can handle any level of complexity today.

Experience our Work

Scala has the expertise to help retailers and marketers reinvent their brand communications by creating smarter in-store digital experiences. Our digital signage solutions are flexible and customizable, making it possible to truly adapt digital solutions to fit any project and audience engagement goals With the world’s largest digital signage footprint, Scala has proven success with some of the world’s most successful brands and creating the best signage solutions for their projects. Visit our Customer Success Stories to experience our work.

Full Solution Provider

Scala continues to expand its services by becoming a full solution provider and offering certified digital media players that pair perfectly with their industry leading digital signage software. Users will no longer need to buy and rely on third party media player equipment to implement their digital signage solutions. The addition of the Scala Media player continues to create an easier process for customers to use digital signage to grow their brand and achieve project goals.

Why Digital Signage

Digital signage is a platform for extending your brand’s reach much farther than a traditional advertising medium. Engage with a brand-new audience and captivate onlookers while informing them of your message and promotions. Increase brand awareness, improve the audience experience and support your business objectives all with eye catching digital media. Not only with digital signage, but also through smartphones and tablets. Scala works with a wide array of solutions that can easily increase your footprint within your target area.