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3 Quick Questions with Darren Cremins

We’ve recently had a chance to catch up with our most twitter-famous employee, Darren Cremins, UK & Ireland Sales Manager! (Follow him on twitter – @darrencremins) All shameless plugs aside, we were lucky enough to grab him for a few minutes of his day for this installment of Three (okay, maybe a few more) Quick Questions.

Darren Cremins brings more than 13 years of Digital Signage experience, to Scala. Prior to working within the Digital Signage industry, Darren’s focus was in Technical Support with a role as Technical Support Manager (EMEA) for software house-Brightware Inc. Then moving into Digital Signage with 9 years for Signagelive and 3 years for Netpractise Limited, Darren has brought a wealth of knowledge and technical sales experience to Scala. He has won projects across a wide range of verticals and with many years of working through the channel, Darren fully understands the Scala model within the UK & Ireland ensuring that Scala capitalizes on the strengths of all its partners within the region.

KP: How would you define digital signage?

DC: That’s an interesting question. Many see digital signage as an industry in its own right, whilst others see it as a sector within the AV industry. Either way, digital signage is a channel to inform and assist in a way no other medium can achieve. This could be internal staff communications to people who don’t have access to email or intranet or in the retail space where influences can be made to guide the consumer to purchase a specific product. With interactive being thrown into the mix this adds a whole new layer and one that Scala supports extremely well.

KP: How did you first hear about Scala?

DC: Scala was demonstrated to me about 12 years ago when I was researching the market. It’s amazing how far Scala has progressed since then.

KP: What were some of the reasons you joined Scala?

DC: I have been involved in the software industry for over 20 years and specifically the digital signage industry for over 10 years. Throughout that time, many other digital signage software vendors have seen Scala as the company they aspire to be, the global brand they benchmark against and the solution they fear most. So when the opportunity to work for Scala presented itself, it was the easiest professional decision I have ever made. The global scale of the Scala team, the technical expertise, the R&D, the support and of course a market leading solution means that working for Scala looked like a fun and exciting place to be… and I’ve not been disappointed!

KP: What do you like to do outside of Scala? Any hobbies? Secret talents?

DC: I have a young family, so spend as much time with them as possible. I take time out to run (slowly) and enjoy painting on canvas from time to time.

KP: What is the most fun about working at Scala?

DC: Where do I start? The community spirit across the company, the knowledge share, the great feedback from new partners and clients about the solution, and working with our existing partners who produce great media and deliver fantastic projects. Every day brings a new opportunity and it’s fun to know Scala can provide the right solution to meet any requirement.

KP: What is the most interesting thing that you have learned about Scala so far?

DC: Two things.

The level of detail and the number of people we employ in our R&D. It’s no wonder with have the most stable and scalable solution in the market.

Scala Designer is an absolute GEM! Yes, Scala Enterprise is a great solution, but add into the mix Scala Designer and WOW we have an amazing toolkit to enable our partners and end users the ability to produce great dynamic content, touch screen applications and data integration. I never knew how powerful Designer was until I started with Scala.


If you haven’t checked it out yet – Darren has made a great how-to video that can be found on our facebook page: