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VIDEO: Beautiful Retail Digital Signage at the Miele Inspirience Centre

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About the Customer:

“The Miele Inspirience Centre is so much more advanced in terms of its form and function than most existing implementations in retail that you could argue that one day, all retailers will have to embrace experiential marketing in some form in-store if it means we can make the experience more relevant and more helpful for that customer. I am delighted Scala was chosen to play a part in this cutting-edge retail media project and look forward to working with House of Media Experience BV, Troades and Miele to further advance the proposition.” – Oscar Elizaga, VP EMEA, Scala

Quote from the SCP

“We wanted the visitor to have a 360-degree experience, not only to experience the Miele brand, but also to enjoy their time with Miele. We would hope that visitors will recall that experience when they next consider the purchase of a domestic or commercial appliance. Digital signage is not only about sound and vision, but is enhanced by adding other human sense triggers. The recollection of their experience and of Miele will be individual to them and as long as the experience was meaningful, helpful, timely and relevant, I’m convinced that this will build brand loyalty and that over time, that recollection and loyalty will be evidenced through referrals and purchases.” – Luc Heijnen, Concept Design Multisensory Experience, Troades

The Challenge

Given that Miele’s products are used for a wide variety of household tasks such as washing, chilling, warming, baking, cooking and freezing, the process is very much experiential. It therefore became clear to Miele that traditional marketing channels would not deliver the brand experience they were looking to generate for customers and dealers. The goal was therefore to design a two-way marketing and communication system to help understand customers better and to provide customers with an enhanced experience.

The Solution

1. Knowing the audience

To ensure the customer experience at a Miele center is personalized and relevant, customers and dealers are requested to register before they enter the store. This could be via the Web, call center or at the Inspirience Centre. This process provides Miele basic information on the customer (gender, demographics, lifestyle, historic Miele purchases, etc.) but it also does much more.

2. Touch me (know me)

Visitor information is fed into the store’s “decision engine” by the Web site or by a custom-made system set up by Troades which analyses the data and creates a real-time message format for each visitor. The visitor can use an Apple iPod Touch which contains the visitor’s name, preferences and profile so that visitors opt into the service and information can flow both ways, a classic permission based marketing approach. The iPod Touch can be used to call up information on the store (such as a floor plan), explore information on Miele products and services in more detail or request advice and recommendations from the iPod Touch system. The system’s response is based on the user’s unique preferences and profile. Information requested and received can be collated by the iPod Touch into PDFs, providing the customer with the choice of taking away this personalized information either by printing it out at the event center’s InfoPoint or emailing it to a personal address.

3. Track me (for relevancy)

The store is equipped throughout with indoor GPS technology. Each visitor’s iPod Touch has a unique identifier and is equipped with a GPS transmitter that pinpoints the location of the device at any point within the store and references its location in relation to the 50 cm square floor tiles which are laid throughout the store and are also linked to the system. This means that at any time throughout a visitor’s journey through the store, the store’s integrated management system knows where each visitor is to the closest 50 cm. In being able to plot progress through the store, the system can map routes, hotspots and dwell times to help develop the digital experience to further enhance the experience.

The Benefit

In adopting this sophisticated approach, Miele, House of Media Experience BV, Troades and Scala, working close together with the architects and constructors, have The Miele Inspirience Centre provided a platform that gets close to offering visitors a unique experience through the store and through the brand both in terms of ambiance and in terms of their interaction with Miele’s product range.

The event center provides a multi-dimensional “brand touchpoint” which also provides a tactile brand environment where all five core values can be harmoniously selected to reinforce the brand’s value by placing it into the most appropriate context, your home.