The nights are drawing in, the weather is getting colder, and holiday displays are already twinkling in some store windows. It may be only be October, but the festive spirit has already set in for retailers.

The last quarter of the year is often referred to as the ‘Golden Quarter’ for retail. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas all within two months, for retailers, it really can be the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, the Bank of England reports that the average household spends an additional 25% over the December period. Smart retailers will make the most of these festive spending habits by upping their in-store game. A powerful digital solution can be the answer to this challenge, helping to deliver a more personalized and eye-catching customer experience to capture the attention and festive spending of shoppers.

In answer to this challenge, Scala presents two solutions to entice customers and drive revenue; digital signage and interactive fitting rooms.

Digital signage? Isn’t that just TV screens looping adverts?

It is definitely much more than ‘just a screen’. Let us show you how….

Imagine walking into a shop and the screens automatically show you products that match your taste and purchase history. Scala uses Bluetooth and NFC beacon technology to make this idea a reality. With these technologies at their disposal, retailers can use a shoppers’ phone or loyalty card to detect their presence, and then market to them using their unique customer profile, which is built with information from either a database or a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Through this, retailers can deliver a highly personalized customer experience by suggesting items that compliment recent purchases or offer promotions right at the point of decision.

Through the innovative use of digital signage, technology becomes a bridge that delivers the same personalized in-store experience that shoppers have come to expect online. The omni-channel approach is increasingly important for retailers, and will likely become more valuable in the Golden Quarter.

But what difference can a plain old changing room make to me?

A lot of difference, you would be surprised! Scala’s technology for these new age fitting rooms is centred around RFID tags attached to garments which are detected when you enter the fitting room. These tags relay information such as colour and size which appear on a screen. Customers can then use this technology to request different sizing or colours from within the changing room. The screen can even be used to suggest complimentary purchases.

These interactive displays can also be used as a pay point, or even as a means to order items if they are not in stock. The value of this innovation is that it shortens the path between customers trying on their items and completing the purchase, and minimizes lost sales due to low levels of stock.

A new level of customer engagement

In the Scala powered Hunkemöller project another innovative fitting room solution provides a new level of customer engagement with touch screens in changing rooms allowing shoppers to adjust the ‘ambience’ to suit their tastes. This created a more comfortable experience and encouraged shoppers to spend more time in the store and of course, all leading to a bigger shopping basket.

Through the effective use of innovative digital features in shops, retailers have a better chance of maximizing their profits in this valuable retail period. As long as the content is managed centrally and the communication is tailored for maximum impact, digital signage could be reason to ring the bells this holiday season.

Want to learn more about how to create a hyper targeted customer experience in your store? Check out Harry Horn, Scala VP Marketing Global and General Manager EMEA of Scala talking about ways in which you can achieve this.