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Colruyt serves up digital signage for effective customer communication

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• Colruyt supermarkets; market leader in Belgium
• One of the biggest Digital Signage networks in the Benelux > 200 locations
• 42″ screens at checkouts
• Touchscreen at frozen food sector
• QR code to download recipes
• Scala software delivers powerful content management, a proven flexible and stable platform
• > 1300 Scala Player Licenses

Scala digital signage software manages, schedules, and delivers content to the various elements of the installation.

Colruyt is a Belgian multinational supermarket chain with more than 200 stores in Belgium and has a long tradition in customer communication. Through posters, leaflets and video screens, shoppers are informed about the origin of products, the company’s sustainability efforts or job vacancies.  Colruyt wanted a more dynamic, flexible and ecological communication channel. By using a digital signage network of energy-efficient screens, the marketing department can centrally control the system.

Return On Message
As a certified Scala partner DOBIT provided strategic guidance. Nele Bruers (DOBIT) commented: “We suggested Colruyt to opt for a full ROM support (Return On Message).  This includes an analysis of the critical success factors and a real-life test situation. The results are processed in specific recommendations.” DOBIT’s ROM analysis process uses seven critical success factors that have an impact on the total return of a digital signage project.

Colruyt’s customers are focused on efficient and cost-conscious shopping. The customer profile shows a high percentage of two-income households, families who do weekly shopping and small, self-employed persons.  Colruyt aims to have faster checkouts, which means a shorter window of perception for customers. Therefore, the content on the screens will have a short loop, no longer than two minutes.

Colruyt’s dedication to sustainable and socially friendly business practices led to their choice of energy-efficient LED screens. By choosing a long-term investment in digital signage, the group saves huge costs in printing and distribution of posters and reduces their carbon footprint.

Full-scale Digital Signage Network
The results of extensive testing proved that a full-scale digital signage network was a successful option.  After testing, Colruyt partnered with Scala to implement, deploy and maintain content on their network. With Scala software, Colruyt can customize all of their content from one central location. The stability and flexibility of Scala Software ensures that Colruyt can communicate their messages efficiently and effectively.

Several screens were installed at different locations including the butcher department, the fresh-food department and Collishop.  The frozen food section has an interactive touch screen where customers can download recipes using a QR-code. For every three cash registers, one large Samsung 42″ screen is placed above the queue.  The LED screen with high light output and wide viewing angle grabs the attention of customers waiting in line. Nele Bruers of DOBIT commented, “This is one of the largest digital signage networks in the Benelux with over 200 locations. To set up a digital signage network like this is an intensive process that requires full commitment. A small change in placement or interpretation of the content can make a big difference in the effectiveness of communication. This project with Colruyt shows that a small investment in research delivers maximum returns.”


Wim De Ball of DOBIT: “The rollout was fast and efficient, province by province. The screens are placed at each location,  with the Scala system fully installed. Content was created on a tight schedule, and as a result, all screens were up and running as planned.”







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