Date: July 19-20, 2016

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Location: Scala Headquarters, Malvern, PA


This non-traditional training course will reveal to attendees how to create their brand’s story through immersive and engaging digital experiences. Using the Scala framework, students will walk through multimedia and real-world examples of brand storytelling and begin to develop forward-thinking passive and interactive experiences that bring your message to life.

Learning Objectives

Discover practical techniques to unleash more powerful digital content with Scala Designer

  • Create multi-frame channels
  • Understand global channel variables
  • Examine use cases for triggered playlists and pros/cons of Boolean vs. Integer

Improve your workflow with new tips and tricks and integrated external tools

  • Delve into content development strategies through hands-on examples
  • Learn best practices in video editing and tools
  • Accelerate Scala Designer editing speed and accuracy
  • Explore the limitless creative possibilities in template design
  • Take home a sampling of Scala-developed templates for your own use


Students must have competency in Scala Enterprise Content Manager, as well as have a working knowledge of Scala Designer. In addition, students should have practical knowledge of coding principles. Experience in one of the following areas in recommended but not required: graphic design, video editing, animation, VBScript, JavaScript or Python.

Bring your own tools for the complete immersive experience so make sure to have your laptop and copy of Scala Designer.

Registration requests are subject to approval.

Request registration for our inaugural, limited-seating class today.

About the instructor

Scala Creative Director, Jorge Mira, will lead this hands-on training course that combines technical and artistic aspects of content development and provides attendees with a springboard for creating innovative and highly focused media projects on their own. With more than a decade of experience in digital signage, sound design, composing and art direction, Jorge has brought to life some of Scala’s most compelling projects, including the award-winning Scala City. To explore his portfolio of projects, visit