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Digital Signage adds to the atmosphere

By October 25, 2012 No Comments

LED displays at Skellefteå AIK arena

Ahead of the 2012/2013 ice hockey season, Swedish team Skellefteå AIK has invested in digital signage for their ice hockey arena. The plan is to offer sponsors an attractive way to market themselves towards the fans.

Scala partner Zone Systems has been in charge of the installation and their CEO, Anders Karlsson said “We’ve been delivering digital solutions to the Nordics for nearly seven years so digital signage isn’t new to us. However the choice of hardware is interesting here because these LED panels have allowed us to build really nice rounded edges. Traditional screens would not have made this possible in the same way. The result is a smooth installation we can be really proud of”.

There are many technical aspects to consider when installing signage in a stadium. To avoid disturbing TV transmission the brightness and frequency of the displayed content needs to be carefully adjusted, for instance.

“These digital signs provide us with an interesting offer to our sponsors. At the same time it also improves the overall experience of our stadium. The existing advertising space has been refreshed and can be used in a very flexible manner” says Anna Ersson, Marketing Director of Skellefteå AIK. “In addition we can use them to heighten the atmosphere when a goal is scored or if there’s a penalty” she says.

“The technology behind the animation, planning and distribution of content is the same as we’ve used for many years, namely Scala Info Channel. The LED modules however represent an exciting new market for us” Anders Karlsson concludes.