Digitital Signage at AW Lab StoreIn 2011, Athletes World created a new brand identity to promote a consistent and unified look across all sport shops. The new brand name, “AW LAB” is easy to remember and the logo is a distinct and recognizable icon. AW LAB strengthens the connection to younger generations and the digital world. Along with the abbreviated name, a new slogan was created, “Your Urban Style Refresher”.

“The reason for the change was the need to increase customer communication. By using innovative media we want to increase customer loyalty, improve communication and create additional sales,” says Rocco Carena, AW LAB Marketing Manager.

Part of the restyling was to include digital signage into the sports shops. As a full service company, M-Cube was selected to implement the changes using the Scala digital signage platform.

Quick facts

* Italian sports company with over 150 stores
* Shop window: 2 vertical 46” Samsung monitors
* Behind counter: 2 landscape 46” Samsung monitors
* In-store radio channel
* Increased store traffic

The refined in-store customer experience includes digital signage and in-store radio. Screens are positioned in the shop window and behind the counters. The in-store radio plays music and provides information about different products. This allows AW LAB to communicate in an innovative way while improving brand consistency across all stores.75 AW LAB retail stores have already transitioned to the digital experience. Several digital screens were installed at various locations. Two 46” Samsung portrait screens were installed at the shop window and two 46” Samsung landscape screens were installed behind the counter.

 M-Cube also manages the content of the entire network by using Scala Content Manager. AW LAB’s objective is to use its range of features, such as quick updates on multiple channels, to augment the communication capabilities for in-store clients. Flexibility and stability are also key aspects of the Scala platform. Content is updated weekly at all AW LAB shops and consist of product promotion videos, Partner’s TV adverts, branding videos, live events and lifestyle videos to support in-store marketing campaigns.Digital Signage at AW Lab Store

Since the opening of the new AW LAB stores, an increase in store traffic has been noticed.

Rocco Carena states, “The digital signage has boosted the marketing mix, integrating in-store communication with multimedia content. Digital Signage has a high impact on the customer experience as it attracts the customer’s eye, leading to the distinctive feature of AW LAB’s shops. The in-store radio makes proximity marketing even more engaging and exciting, giving a strong brand identity for our stores. In the coming years, we will be working on a project to integrate physical stores with the digital world to create and stimulate a community, ‘store to digital to store.’”

AW LAB’s objective is to complete the restyling of all Athlete World stores within 2014.


About Athletes World

Established in 1997, Athletes World is the leading Italian sport company with more than 150 stores. AW LAB founded in 2011, is Athletes World new generation of retail shops designed as trend setting “urban sport style” workshops. The AW LAB offers a wide selection of the most famous sport brands trainers and a wide range of unique sportswear. There is also a personal company brand collection of accessories and clothes, BeAW. For more information visit: www.aw-lab.com

 About M-CUBE

Founded in 2001, M-Cube is a leading company in audio-visual solutions and digital content management for in-store and out-of-home marketing.  Thanks to its highly innovative technologies, expertise and a team of highly qualified professionals, M-Cube provides targeted solutions to meet its customer’s marketing needs and business objectives.  M-Cube is specialized in the design and implementation of the in-store radio, marketing intelligence and digital signage communication projects. The company offers its services worldwide thanks to a well-established network of global partners and a 24/7 network management service. M-Cube provides solutions for: Retail, Fashion & Luxury, GDO, Banking and Finance, Transportation and the Public Sector. For more information visit: www.mcube.it