Quote from our Scala Certified Partner:

“We are excited to be a part of this ground breaking project,” states Dean Reverman, Director of Business Development for Hammond Communication Group. “Digital signage continues to offer retailers unique opportunities for in-store communications and customer experience. Projects like the Sprint Studio confirm the importance of digital signage for retailers today.”

“This truly is one of the most innovative digital signage deployments in a retail space,” claims Brian Russell, Managing Director for Level 5 Media Group. “We are honored to be a part of it and look forward to continuing our partnership with Sprint to help them provide a better experience to their retail customers.”

The Challenge:

To develop a ground breaking retail digital signage solution for Sprint Studio in Kansas City.

The Solution:

Visitors to the store are greeted at the concierge station, where they are then directed to one of five zones, depending on interest. Each zone is equipped with three to five HD LCD monitors with content relevant to customer queuing and zone specific messaging. There are a total of 17 HD displays spread throughout the store. One of the innovative elements of the system comes during a “Grand Moment”.

The Benefit

Much of the magic behind the “Grand Moment” can be found in the custom HD transcoding, scripting and central Scala Content Manager configuration performed by Hammond Communication Group, the custom programming created by Scala engineers and the third-party triggering device development by Level 5 Media Group. These items allow the Content Manager to control, not only the Media Players, but also external environmental control devices, which when used together allow for synchronized audio, video and lighting. The visitor experiences an entire store moment unlike any in the retail environment today.