Digital Signage Technology is Making Headway in Oman – The Sultanate

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Digital Signage technology is making headway in Oman which has seen successful completion of important projects in recent times

Anzyma is a leading IT solutions provider and business technology advisor based in Oman. With their experience in the IT sector, they have forged their way ahead and built enduring relationships over the years. Last five years, they have been in active partnership with Scala, Inc, producer of multimedia software. They are here to create a platform for their digital signage software suite to be used by companies in retail, airports, healthcare, education, telecom etc. They will create, manage and distribute electronic messages for advertising or information dissemination, which can also be interactive, using various forms of visual display media. Driving more than 500,000 screens worldwide, Scala is the world leader in location-based media designed for communication. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Scala has been in the market for past 25 years and has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany, Japan and India, and more than 400 Scala certified partners in about 90 countries, one of them being Oman.

Alain Bodenstedt, ScalaAlain Bodenstedt, Scala

The GCC region is crucial for Scala as it has seen enormous growth in this region. The most developed digital signage market at the moment is in Dubai, along with Abu Dhabi. Dubai has undergone enormous growth and development for the last decade or more, followed by Saudi Arabia and Oman. Digital science is here for probably last ten years. Scala penetrated in Dubai and in no other place because that is where the maximum potential lies at that moment. The end result was that Scala today has 80 to 90 signage projects running in Dubai only.

“Given the vastness of the Dubai Mall, if a patron wants to find his destination, say the nearest Pizzaria, in an interactive way, it allows him to touch the screen. With the system of Scala, anybody can find the easiest path to a certain location,” says Alain Bodenstedt, director, partner sales, Scala.

Costy Berberi, AnzymaCosty Berberi, Anzyma Quote

Costy Berberi, general manager, Anzyma is upbeat about the market in Oman. He says, “within 10 years, I see Oman completely different from now with a huge prospect for digital signage. Right now, we have projects with transportation, health, education and telecom and eventually have plans to cover most of the sectors in Oman. We also have an expansion plan this year. We can explore a lot of aspects with digital signage, especially with Scala’s support and create out of the box solution for the client. We are taking great steps forward. The entire IT experience is changed here as well as in the region.”