DSE 2018

Booth 2508
March 28 – 29 – Las Vegas Convention Center

Booth 2508 will feature new hardware and immersive customer experiences from Scala, along with interactive digital experiences from the STRATACACHE family of brands, including STRATACACHE outdoor displays, enVu audience engagement experiences, Primasee translucent cooler doors, and PRN’s Wellness Center kiosk.

Digital Solutions in Booth 2508

At the gaming lounge, guests are entertained by using the tablet to play a quick, fun brick-breaking game. This creates a fun, memorable experience that when used in-store is sure to promote customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Scala has combined their digital signage system knowledge with decades of experience and best practices to create media players that are designed for performance, stability and compatibility. Each Scala Media Player comes “Scala Ready” with the relevant Scala and third-party software installed making setup easy and giving you more time to focus on creating your digital signage content.

Scala Content Accelerator optimizes the digital signage experiences by guaranteeing reliable, timely delivery of content to your digital signage players. By keeping your entire digital signage library accessible on your local LAN, you can deliver dynamically changing rich-media content to any screen without having to worry about network bandwidth issues and content delays. This helps deliver media-rich experiences with no delay or buffering and eliminates the need to purchase extra bandwidth.

Using a tablet, the shopper selects their smart home goal – beginning with efficiency, security or convenience — or chooses to search by platform compatibility. Product recommendations are then displayed. Shoppers select a product to see detailed information on the large screen, and up to three products can be compared. A QR code scan sends the information to the customer’s mobile device.

Wellness Technology
PRN’s in-aisle wellness technology kiosk provides shoppers with a simple, convenient way to navigate the cough, cold & flu aisle – and quickly identify the most appropriate OTC medications for their needs. Using an intuitive touchscreen interface, shoppers select their symptoms and medication preferences, and are presented with a list of relevant OTC results. Individual product pages display detailed medication information and give shoppers the option to receive a product photo and savings offer via text message.

Step Challenge
Interactive solution encourages gamification of a healthy, active environment and creates a fun user experience through digital engagement. Leveraging the fitness tracker API, step-count activity information is displayed in real time.

Smart Fitness Advisor (2XU)
The Smart Fitness Advisor has ben adapted to become an interactive solution for engaging audiences in any wellness environment. When a visitor touches points on a mannequin, which is equipped with sensor-embedded clothing, a nearby screen displays health and fitness tips that correlate to that area.

The Data Insights solution by Walkbase play a key part in enhancing and personalizing the customer experience, empowering retailers to learn deeply about shopping preferences and behaviors. In this “back office” area of our immersive retail environment, you see analytics dashboards of the solutions running on the show floor, which update in real time. Information such as session time, most popular product and upsell conversions give valuable insight into the success of your store’s operations, marketing and customer experience. All the insights gathered are flexible and customizable to examine your KPIs and assist with marketing and retail strategy definition.

STRATACACHE’s Outdoor displays come with anti-glare protective glass and equipped to withstand the harshest environments. The STRATACACHE Outdoor Ruggedized Displays reliably display content in any outdoor setting. Install a single feature panel, a double panel, or a full triple panel menu board to provide maximum visibility to your customers.

Engage customers and drive impulse purchases with this translucent display solution from Primasee which features interactive content on a touchscreen refrigerator or freezer door. Display full-motion video to attract shoppers to the cooler containing the featured product. Content can include a short game which highlights and promotes the items inside the cooler, fully visible behind the transparent glass. Monetize the display content to generate ad revenue from partner brands. The Primasee coolers and freezers come in multiple sizes for flexibility in deployment in various retail store footprints.

Finding the correct accessory, part or attachment for a product in an aisle full of choices can be a challenge for shoppers, especially those who aren’t equipped with the knowledge to assist themselves. This solution, powered by Walkbase, makes it easy to identify and locate the correct automotive part to fit the needs of the shopper’s specific vehicle by combining audience intelligence with guided selling. The experience can ease the frustrations of shoppers in any retail environment while gathering valuable insight into buying and search patterns as well as the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

This interactive and engaging solution will capture booth visitors walking by on camera. It will then display a fun altered reality experience. enVu’s SNAP is a branded digital photo experience ideal for events, trade shows and retail environments. SNAP attracts individuals and groups to create the perfect picture, for a unique, personalized, shareable takeaway. Increased dwell time gives staff opportunity to engage people directly. And when using with enVu’s Social Appliance, brands can share and connect with participants during and after an event. Make sure to stop by the Scala booth 2508 to witness it for yourself!

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STRATACACHE Family Speakers at DSE 2018

Chuck Billups

SVP of Brand Advertising & Retail Partnerships at PRN
Listen to the discussion on how mobile is changing the digital signage industry in room S231 on Tuesday, March 27 from 11:20 AM to 12:05 PM as part of the digital out-of-home strategy summit.

Manolo Almagro

Managing Partner at Q Division
Stop by booth 2576, session number ET1, on Wednesday March 28 from 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM to hear Manolo discuss the roles of AI, machine learning, and robots in the future of connected commerce.

Booth Partners