Effective Customer Engagement: The Next Evolution for Reaching Ever-Connected Consumers

By February 13, 2013 No Comments
By Marcy Patzer, senior director of retail strategy, Scala, Inc.


Cash RegisterData-driven, customized, dynamic experiences mark the next evolution for communicating with today’s empowered, ever-connected consumers.

As technology advances, customer engagement is becoming more and more critical for brick-and-mortar stores. With the increase of social media-savvy customers, combined with emerging technologies such as NFC, QR codes and anonymous video analytics, there has become an expectation for highly customized, one-on-one messaging between retailer and consumer.

Retailers already have a wealth of data stored from loyalty programs, point of purchase, traditional and digital marketing, which can be leveraged to exponentially increase the effectiveness of their omni-channel marketing efforts. This data, combined with dynamic digital displays, kiosks/touchscreens, mobile and social integration can transform the in-store experience. It can produce dynamic and targeted messaging that can adapt and change instantaneously to reflect the optimum products, or offer a viral hook based on the customer’s individual preferences or even based on third-party data such as weather, gas prices or social trends.

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