Scala Releases New Customer Experience Engine

Scala Enterprise is the Next Major Release of the Scala Digital Signage Software Suite

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digital signage software supports html5 and androidThis new user-centric release was built from extensive customer and focus group feedback followed by multiple quality assurance cycles and finally an extensive beta program.

Earlier this year, Scala provided early access to select partners, showcasing the redesigned interface in addition to many new features and improvements. The feedback was extremely positive and led to further refinements. In addition to a more user-driven design and improved workflows, under the hood this release includes a dramatic expansion of our existing APIs, HTML5 and Android player support, expanding options for Scala’s current and future customers.

User Experience

The result of in-depth focus groups and usability studies to guide the development of a new user experience, Scala Enterprise Content Manager has an entirely redesigned user-interface with highly intuitive workflows. It leverages ‘Drag and Drop’ capabilities, easily highlights relevant information, makes tasks more efficient and places helpful links right at users’ fingertips.

Support for Android Players

Scala Enterprise supports a new family of Android-powered media players and photo frames.  These devices are lower cost, growing in flexibility and capability, and will take advantage of HTML5 for dynamic and interactive content.

HTML5 Content

HTML5 is the emerging standard for great content on the web.  Both the new Android players and the classic Scala Players will support HTML5, as well playback content created using standard web-design tools.

Superior Integration and Extensibility

Scala Enterprise Content Manager includes an all-new set of web service APIs for integrating, controlling, and extending its functionality.  The APIs support the user-access system and grants role-based access to only what a given API user or work-group is entitled to.

Scala Enterprise maintains the proven hallmarks of their robust platform, expertly crafted and innovated over the last 25 years:

Flexible Integration with existing systems, capable of supporting a wide range of interactive and dynamic content
Customizable – Never limiting a customer’s creative freedom, adaptable to enable any content dreamt up
ScalableRun one screen, or tens of thousands all from a central location. A track record of proven results from single display installations to enormous global networks
StableScala systems are rock solid. The digital signage software provider with one of the largest QA staffs in house and a platform that has been constantly refined over 25 years to perform flawlessly

“… well-engineered, as usual from Scala, for software design and for embracing the cutting edge technology, ” said Sylvain Bigand, Technical Director, TMM Communication France

Only 4 Easy Steps to Publish Engaging Digital Content

  1. Drag & Drop – Drag media from your file explorer into the content list
  2. Create Playlist – Assign your media to one of your existing playlists or create a new one and select the playlist you want to use
  3. Choose Order – Drag and drop your content in the playlist to change the order of playback
  4. Play! – Last step is to publish and that is it… you are engaging your target audience

“We’re excited about the latest evolution of our software. Our engineers have made this our most innovative, easy-to-use, stable and secure release to date. With the intuitive user interface, flexible integration options and ability to completely customize this powerful tool to meet their unique challenges, Scala users are inspired to produce high quality digital signage solutions that create an immersive brand experience for their customers or employees.”

Tom Nix, CEO, Scala

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  • 30 years of experience
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  • More than 500,000 active screens

Digital signage and menu board projects with major global brands including Wendy’s, IKEA, Shell, Krystal, EAT, Panos, Burger King, 7-Eleven and more.

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