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Driving Retail Transformation

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In our booth, you’ll see how our marketing technology drives retail transformation, bringing high-impact interactive shopper engagement solutions to retail.


Assisted Selling

This kiosk-based solution guided shoppers through a luxury or high-value purchase, offered component comparison and upsell opportunities along the path to purchase. Information captured during the kiosk interactions, including gender, age and sentiment, helped sales associates cater to individual needs and delivered smart service and a more personalized shopping experience.


Service Automation

We integrated our ordering kiosks with facial recognition technology and the Mix Master robotic cocktail machine creating a memorable, streamlined ordering experience. After guests choose or designed their favorite drink from our self-ordering kiosks, featuring our own commercial-grade tablets, they watched the robotic machine get to work preparing it!



We dove into the analytics that gave retailers an unprecedented level of in-store knowledge, showing how our technology gathered, analyzed and gave actionable, real-time insight into in-store behaviors and preferences as well as business intelligence data. We answered questions such as: How well do you know what’s happening in your store? How are shoppers spending their time and money? How effective are your marketing campaigns?


Personalisation at Scale

Our interactive fashion wall brought a digital shopping experience — complete with full curated looks and apparel details — into the store. Shoppers used the wall to browse products and explored complete “looks,” based on their own selected preferences. After browsing, the shopper could easily send selected items to a dressing room, add to their cart for in-store checkout or enter their phone number to receive a text message “wish list.”

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