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VIDEO: GE MRI “Patient Experience”

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Quote from the Customer:

In April of 2010 Jim Bunce of AVI Systems Digital Media Group was selected to provide the AV solution in the creation of a GE MRI “Patient Experience” for PDC Facilities,Inc. PDC Facilities,Inc., located in Hartland, builds the facilities that “house” the GE MRI Equipment. The concept was to create a “softer, soothing” environment for the Patient during their MRI procedure. To achieve this, AVI Systems assembled the Team To “design, create, project, control and manage the Experience.

Quote from the Scala Certified Parter:

This project allowed AVI Systems to use their entire spectrum of experience and talent to Design, Engineering and integration of the AVI Systems Digital Media Goup in the areas of Content Development, Scala Solution Integration, Custom Programming and Control Management. All of these elements were critical in AVI Systems being selected as the Integrator; however, the decision from PDC was based on AVI’s experience and their ability to provide the “One Stop” solution to their needs on this Project. This Project provides an opportunity to PDC and AVI to provide this solution as an option on all new MRI Facilities sold by GE Medical Systems and create a “Retrofit Kit” for all the Existing Facilities and will not be dependent on the sale of new MRI Equipment.

The Challenge:

AVI Systems had to provide a solution that created an image on the Control Room window, 3′ X 8′, in a “landscape” mode (because of the Projector mounting limitations based on a 10′ “throw” on an LCD “opaque” Film with touch screen control capabilities in the MRI Room via a 15″ Touch foil. The resolution had to be HD quality through 2 1″ panes of glass and 2 RFI filters between them! Oh, did I mention that no Electrical or Electronic Equipment could be in the MRI room while it was operating because of the Magnetic Field produced by the MRI Scan. All sytems had to be controlled via a touchpanel in the Control Room. In addition, Design Content had to be developed according to a “Storyboard” developed by the GE Medical Systems Consultant in Spain.

The Solution:

AVI Systems Engineering Group, Mike Seib, Systems Engineer and John Spartz, Lead Engineer Wisconsin Region, did the initial Design work for the AV equipment. Using It’s Scala Solution, AVI Systems Digital Media Group Team of Chris Roddick, DMG Technical Mgr, Dave Elfers, Digital Media Specialist and our Content “Guru” Kelly Stimson, Digital Graphic Artist, working with the GE Consultant, provided the DMG solution in the form of Adult and Child programs that appeared on a 3’ by 8’ Prodisplay LCD film with a 15″ “Touch Foil” applied to the window in the room for “touch selection” of a theme. The “magic” aspect of the Prodisplay touch products was designed and programmed by AVI’s Kurt Elfers, Engineer/Programmer. The use of a 6000 lumen HD Projection System gave us the resolution that we needed to project through a window that consisted of 2 1″ panes of glass with 2 RFI filters in between. In addition, the control of the system, accomplished with a Crestron System, was complicated by the fact that no electronic devices could be used in the MRI room due the “magnetic field” created by the MRI Equipment. An automatic “shut off” system was designed to overcome this problem. Once the Draper Custom Projection Mount and Panasonic HD Projector, DMG Equipment and Content, Crestron Control, Pro Display LCD Film and Touch Foil, Fiber transition boxes, Door Switches, Everbrite LED Lighting System, etc was designed and engineered the final installation was professionally installed, in conjunction with the PDC Facilities personnel, by AVI’s Brian Roelke, Installation Technician

The Benefit:

The introduction of the Experience, with a operational facility onsite by GE Medical Systems, for the Radiology Society of North America in Chicago, nationally through the YouTube Video presentation to introduce the Experience as an equipment option to their new MRI Facilities sales. PDC/GE Medical Systems will introduce the Experience to Hospitals and are considering a retrofit program offering for the existing PDC/GE MRI Facilities already in the field.