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Jyske Bank uses Scala to deliver award winning TV

By October 7, 2013 No Comments

On October 1st Danish Bank, Jyske Bank, launched its new News channel which will bring up-to-date financial news to its Danish branches and online via

Jyske Bank is the first non-media company in the world to launch a news channel that will keep their employees and customers updated on the financial markets and bring you breaking economic news – even as it happens. The bank has a complete film studio located in the Danish city of Silkeborg and a correspondent permanently based at the NASDAQ stock market.

“Scala plays an important role, as it is used for playout of the content”, Steen Mertz, Director, Communications Technology at Jyske Bank, explains. “This means that Scala automatically collects and puts together the content shown live to viewers. This is the ideal solution for Jyske Bank as it increases efficiency of the station and reduces the need for manual supervision.”

For Scala’s Nordic team the installation has been an interesting challenge. “It has been a pleasure to work with Jyske Bank on their TV project”, explains Jørgen Enevoldsen, Area Sales Manager in Denmark. “They knew exactly what they wanted and worked closely with the Scala services team to reach this tremendous result. Jyske Bank TV is a solution both Scala and Jyske Bank can be very proud of.”

Watch Jyske Bank TV live here