A Taste of Digital Signage at Kayu Nasi Kandar

Malaysia — The Kayu Nasi Kandar Restaurant introduced its clients and patrons to a new flavor; a taste of digital signage, following the implementation of their very own visual communications channel at its Petaling Jaya outlet recently.

Kayu Channel harnesses the power of Scala InfoChannel for in-house network

Kayu Channel harnesses the power of Scala InfoChannel for in-house network

Kayu becomes the first local popular eatery to hop onto the bandwagon of innovative media advertising harnessing the power of SCALA InfoChannel® for its very own customized in-house InfoChannel network; the Kayu Channel.

The clean and spacious restaurant occupies the space of two shop lots, providing ample room for a comfortable eating ambience, and likewise, plenty of strategic locations for the five plasma screens to display the Kayu Channel. At the entrance, a plasma faces the customers while another plasma is placed in the verandah. Two more plasmas are positioned in two corners of the restaurant while the fifth plasma is placed above the full screen glass panel in one of the two rooms.

The Kayu Channel provides patrons, customers and suppliers with updated information on the restaurant’s menu, latest food promotions, offers and news. In addition to that, the channel also serves as an electronic bulletin board for posting electronic classified ads or messages such as rooms for rent, or cars for sale, at a nominal fee. Customers are entertained by media rich content that is visually stimulating and informative.

Further revenue is generated through the sales of advertising space on the Kayu Channel. Several options of advertising space are made available to interested advertisers who can choose to display their own advertisement in “jpg” or “mpg2” format. Alternatively, the design and development of the advertisement is commissioned to Click Grafix. The sales of advertising space on the Kayu Channel is managed by CR Techmedia Sdn Bhd.

The content for the Kayu Channel is customized and developed by Click Grafix using Scala InfoChannel Designer 3. The content is then played back on the five plasma screens through one unit of InfoChannel Player placed at the restaurant. Content updates are currently uploaded manually from a notebook as Kayu works on plans to network its multiple outlets via broadband.

Kayu Channel marks the birth of a new technology savvy advertising trend

Kayu Channel marks the birth of a new technology savvy advertising trendThe Kayu Channel may just mark the birth of a new technology savvy advertising trend and culture for many local eateries in Malaysia, and the compliments go to Mr. Buruhan, the visionary entrepreneur of Kayu Nasi Kandar.

To date the Kayu Channel runs at Kayu’s restaurants in three locations; Petaling Jaya, Aman Suria and Kota Tinggi.

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CR Techmedia Sdn Bhd is a company affiliated to its principal, Compurep Pty Ltd based in Sydney Australia and established in 1996 with products branded as CR Technology. CR Techmedia provides products and services in 2 main areas namely solutions in Dynamic Digital Signage and Customised Display Systems. The company offers a comprehensive solution for Dynamic Digital Signage, that includes hardware, network infrastructure design, software, content creation, implementation and project management. The solutions for Display Systems offered by CR Techmedia include CRT, LCD and Plasma screens that are embedded within systems such as gaming machines, information kiosks, automated teller machines (ATM) , and other general display systems. CR Techmedia adds further value to the customized solutions offered via servicing, maintenance and upgrades for the solutions.

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Established in 1995, Click Grafix has firmly established itself in the South East Asia and Middle Eastern market and industry as a premiere provider and system integrator for digital video, animation and multimedia hardware, software, solutions and services. The company is the appointed regional distributor for NewTek Inc. and also holds the distributorship for Scala multimedia and visual communication products, as well as Realviz, Anark, Curious Labs Inc. Bauhaus Software and Qarbon products in Malaysia. Currently, Click Grafix is represented in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and India.


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