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Senate Office Buildings Digital Signage with Marshall Communications

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Marshall Communications Corporation Awarded Contract to Provide Digital Signage for the Architect of the Capitol

Marshall to provide digital signage network for Senate Office Buildings

Washington, DC — Marshall Communications Corporation (MARSHALL) has been awarded a contract by the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) to provide digital signage for the Senate Office Buildings. MARSHALL won the contract by presenting a comprehensive and cost effective solution to the AOC. MARSHALL will be responsible for overall project management, systems integration, and network design; inclusive of procuring and configuring all hardware for the systems, and coordinating all onsite maintenance/technical support activities.

MARSHALL will be teaming with Scala, Inc. and daVinci Bridge to deliver the end-to-end digital signage solution for the U.S. Senate Office Buildings. Scala, the world’s leading provider of software solutions for dynamic digital signage networks, will be providing the digital signage software applications, maintenance/training, and software upgrades. daVinci, one of the premier providers of end-to-end multimedia broadcast solutions for content design and creation in the U.S., will be responsible for the application programming and software installation on end-user workstation/servers.

deVinci responsible for application programming and software installationThe new digital signage system will be replacing the now existing Senate Directory Signs that now display the Senator information and Committee locations within the building. Sonny Marshall, President & CEO of MARSHALL comments that “the new system will allow the AOC to not only display the actual directory signs, but to create and publish to each individual point of display; additionally, allowing the flexible capability of programming information on special events and messages to be displayed using text and/or graphics, in a moment’s notice.” Gerard Bucas, CEO, Scala Inc., adds “We couldn’t be more proud to collaborate with Scala’s Partners Marshall Communications and daVinci Bridge. Being chosen as the software solution for the Senate Office Buildings digital signage network not only exemplifies Scala’s leadership in the Government sector, but provides us the opportunity to contribute to the ever-growing technology that makes our government more relevant.”

About Marshall

Headquartered in Ashburn, VA, Marshall Communications Corporation is a small disadvantaged (SDB), Veteran- Owned Small Business (VOSB), and was established in 1991. MARSHALL is a leader in broadband satellite and multimedia services and was the only small business in the region (one of only two nationwide) to have won one of a series of satellite service contracts awarded by the U.S. General Services Administrations’ Federal Technology Service (FTS). MASRSHALL was awarded a Schedule 70 (Contract # GS-35F- 0195s) by the GSA Federal Supply Service (FSS) in February 2006. MARSHALL’S team has over 90 years of satellite communications network operations, planning, and systems engineering experience. The Company specializes in delivering value-added, end-toend integrated satellite and IPbased systems.


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