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Northern Sweden’s largest shopping mall

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New DDS-solution in northern Sweden’s largest shopping mall

swedish shopping mallNorthern Sweden’s largest shopping mall turned to Impact Europe in order to improve their display solution on the frontage of the building. The previous solution of 2×3 50’’ plasma screens above the entrance did not deliver a message display of satisfactory quality for outdoor purposes and the system was considered too simple and not reliable enough.

Impact Europe proposed a LED-display to improve of the quality and reliability of the outdoor solution above the entrance of the shopping mall. Furthermore, Impact Europe suggested that the plasma screens from the former outdoor solution would come to perfect use as indoor digital displays inside the shopping mall.

Impact Europe AB has delivered a new DDS-solution to northern Sweden’s largest shopping mall, “Smedjan” in Luleå. The system solution is based on Scala InfoChannel and messages are displayed on a total of 8 plasma screens inside the shopping mall as well as on a 8 square meters LED-screen placed on the frontage of the building.

In addition, there is a screen placed in the conference facilities, within the shopping mall, intended for customer shows and demonstrations. The town’s local authorities and clubs are also welcome to use the facilities in order to make announcements etc. The displayed material is produced on site and the 5 media players are updated over internet. The success is immense and the available advertisement space is fully booked for several months to come.


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