Scala Media Player-L

The affordable entry-level “Lite” single 1080p output media player solution with basic device monitoring and support for single-zone and HTML5 content.

Scala Media Player-S

Full-featured single 1080p output media player with full device management and support for multi-zone, HTML5 and ScalaScript content.

Scala has combined their digital signage system knowledge with decades of experience and best practices to create media players that are designed for performance, stability and compatibility.

Scala Ready

Each Scala Media Player comes “Scala Ready” with the relevant Scala and third-party software installed making setup easy and giving you more time to focus on creating your digital signage content.

Scala’s line up of digital signage media players support a range of applications and performance needs so you can choose the best media player for your digital signage project.

Scala’s media player hardware and software deliver the best digital signage platform to create, deploy, manage and grow your digital network.

  • Designed from the ground up to work with Scala software and deliver superior performance for its class
  • Optimized architecture delivers high performance throughout the entire lifetime of the media player
  • Robust 24×7 operation ensures you are always able to deliver your visual communications
  • System hardening minimizes vulnerabilities and delivers robust system security
  • Easy to maintain, manage and support so your digital signage network is always up to date
  • Compact form factor fits easily into any digital signage location

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Scala goes beyond traditional digital signage solutions. Curious about our extensive and proven capabilities? Our experts are here for you to ask questions without obligation!

Through our years of worldwide experience in digital signage, we can give the best advice on the possibilities for your business. Scala has:

  • 30 years of experience
  • 500 partners globally
  • Presence in 100 countries
  • More than 500,000 active screens

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