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VIDEO: Rabobank Attracting New Clientele with Modern Datacasting Network

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Quote from the Customer

“Once we were introduced to the power and reliability of Scala, the decision to go with the Scala platform was easy. We were happy to report that we have not been disappointed – everything that was sold to us in this solution was exactly what was delivered – and Scala’s content authoring tool offered the added advantage of radically reducing our content product costs” – Wim van den Dungen, Directoraat Communicatie, Rabobank

The Challenge

Rabobank decided it needed a modern solution to reach its customers and attract new business, while still maintaining the credibility and profitability of the bank’s business. Standards had to be developed to ensure the corporate message, position and image was maintained.

The Solution

The solution required the best software to design, schedule and manage ad content over an infrastructure that connected all of Rabobank’s local banks. The Hulskamp Group BV, a Scala certified reseller, proposed a digital signage network with plasma screens located in the bank and next to the bank’s ATM machines. Each plasma screen would display short focused ads about the bank’s varied products and services while customers waited to use the ATM machines. The network would be managed from a central control location over an ASDL infrastructure.

The Benefit

The benefit of this digital signage network is that it adds a unique dimension to Rabobank’s in-house merchandising systems. Posters and brochures are literally brought to life, making it easier to measure the impact of the network on clients far more efficiently than any traditional media. Rabobank sites the advantages of the network as informative, modern, and innovative. With screens running 24/7 in all local banks the ad-contacts attained far out-measured their traditional television ad campaigns.