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Scala retail digital signage gives stores an edge over the competition, helping to increase revenue while keeping costs under control.

  • Increase sales with Point-of-Purchase promotions
  • Customize and personalize the customer experience in-store
  • Automatically change offerings by location on an unlimited number of devices and screens
  • Engage with customers through technology of their choice: iBeacon, NFC, RFID, QR, etc.
  • Integrate with third party databases, such as POS, inventory, loyalty, etc.
  • Make your message ACTIONABLE, able to both change customer behavior and change itself based on predictive analytics and your own predefined goals. Learn more about Scala Advanced Analytics.
  • Drive consistent brand image and visually attract passersby
  • Reduce print costs, leverage co-op dollars
Scala powers solutions for Retailers like IKEA, Last Call Studio, Audi, Sprint, Tommy Hilfiger, Estée Lauder, Hunkemöller and more:

“This system gives us the ability to assure high-quality content in every dealership worldwide. At the same time the dealer has the opportunity to place his own local messaging within the Audi-branded content.” – Liane Scheinert, Head of International Customer and Retail Marketing for Audi (Automobile Manufacturer, USA)