Retailers learn signage lessons from e-commerce –

By October 2, 2013 No Comments

scala retail digital signageRetail is the single biggest opportunity for digital signage – but specialist e-commerce firms could soon muscle in on the market for screens in stores, Scala CEO Tom Nix believes.

Speaking to at the International Scala Conference in Amsterdam today, Nix said that retail now represents “more than 40 percent” of the potential market for his firm, one of the best-known and longest-established vendors of digital signage software.

Retailers’ realisation that consumers’ attention – increasingly occupied by their personal screens – needs to be drawn back into the store, along with lower capex requirements for digital signage, are factors behind the increased demand for sophisticated networks, he said, contrasting them with the flashy but often ill-thought-out retail deployments of earlier years.

Rather than emphasising big, highly visible screens, many retailers are now equally interested in smaller media such as shelf-edge units, said Nix. Systems like Scala’s can help them “join the dots” by closely examining data to assess a network’s true impact, for example by filtering out the effects of marketing campaigns in other media.

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