Scala CEO Tom Nix on Digital Signage and the Customer Experience –

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Tom Nix of Scala Digital SignageTom Nix shares his thoughts on putting together a digital signage communication strategy.
By Cindy Davis

We recently caught up with Tom Nix, CEO of Scala and thought we’d ask him to share his thoughts on digital signage strategy. As Nix describes, “Scala is a digital signage software company that specializes in producing a platform that becomes people’s customer experience engine.”

With the cost of high-resolution displays coming down, digital signage has moved beyond retail and into every commercial application where real-time communication can be an important and effective means to deliver messages to an intended audience.

“Many people think of customer experience and think of a retail environment where folks are walking through a store and they are going to experience what is going on in that store. The customer experience transcends retail. It’s something you see in corporate environments and higher education,” says Nix.

Nix suggests that you need to think of the overall environment when determining the type of content you are delivering. “For example, what is the experience that they are having when they’re absorbing that communication?” says Nix.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, these should be considered as part of the overall environment and built into your strategy. Social media and the use of QR codes can extend your message and brand beyond the fixed digital signage display. “When you think about how to engage individuals in those environments, you have an opportunity to set your strategy based on the customer experience you want to achieve in that environment,” says Nix.

Nix says that Scala starts its clients with a “blueprint of what you trying to achieve.” You should have a full understanding of what the environment where you will be placing the displays is like. Define what you want the user experience to be. What is the dwell time around the displays? Is it a place where people will be moving quickly from one place to the next or an area where people gather? Study the movement patterns of the individuals.