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Scala Customer holyfields Wins Gold Apex Award

By March 8, 2012 No Comments

We congratulate our customer holyfields restaurant which won a Gold Apex Award in the food & beverage category at Digital Signage Expo 2012.


holyfields, which is located in Germany, was recognized for creating a unique self-service ordering system – powered by Scala digital communication software – to improve the customer dining experience.


With the goal of providing a digital ordering system to speed up the ordering process, holyfields offers user-friendly self-service kiosks. To order a meal, customers simply select their preferred food and drink at a kiosk and then proceed to a cashier. They receive pagers that alert them from their tables when food is ready for pick-up.


The system has proven to help customers eliminate time wasted waiting for someone to seat them, take their orders and serve their meals. Guests at holyfields have more time to enjoy their dining experience with friends and family than at an ordinary quick service restaurant.


The holyfields kiosks use Scala digital communication software to support content creation, management and distribution on the restaurant kiosks.


To learn more, please read this holyfields case study.