The digital signage network at the DNB corporate headquarters fulfills a crucial internal communication role

Quick facts

  • Stunning DNB corporate communications project supported by Scala digital signage
  • Internal signage network part of wider DNB rebranding strategy
  • Over 265 screens and 228 players driving information to over 6,000 employees
  • Large-scale Scala signage network rolled out in Bergen and Oslo headquarters and smaller branch offices
  • Signage network provides environmental savings and increased internal collaboration to DNB

A giant corporate identity project at DNB, Norway’s biggest bank, has taken place over the last two years. The project aimed to blend a number of existing DNB brand identities into one and to connect DNB both internally and with its customers.

DNB worked in partnership with Norwegian design house Snøhetta, with technical help from Anti, Scala and its local partner ATEA. The revamp included the design of a new logo, new corporate messaging and the opening of five flagship branches throughout Norway.

In addition, the bank constructed brand new corporate headquarters in both Oslo and Bergen. Three new buildings of 85,000 square metres house 4,300 employees in[PUB] 14-03-06 DNB Norway 02 - KW the headquarters in Oslo and four new buildings house 1,800 employees in Bergen.

The DNB-owned offices are connected by a giant digital signage network located on a single subnet, supported by Scala technology, which includes over 400 screens and 380 players, installed in branches, flagship stores, corporate headquarters and smaller branch offices across the country.

The digital signage network at the DNB corporate headquarters fulfills a crucial internal communication role, making the work environment in both locations both modern and efficient.

“DNB chose to work with ATEA because of the company’s breadth of service, and we have been pleased with their recommendation of the Scala technology.”
– Christian Lie, Senior Advisor Digital Signage, Design Xpress at DNB

The corporate communications solution
At both the Oslo and the Bergen headquarters, DNB rolled out a large number of 46’’, 55” and 75” screens, hung in either landscape or portrait mode or arranged into video walls of various sizes. These screens are located in reception areas, elevator areas, departments and social areas such as the cafeteria in both buildings.

The Oslo building hosts around 175 screens, driven by 139 Scala players. The cafeteria boasts a giant video wall made up of 32 55” LED screens, located between two floors, which catch the eye of visitorsDNB HQ8 in that space and from outside the building.

The Bergen building hosts around 90 screens, driven by 89 Scala players. In addition, two touchscreen tables are located at the entrance of both building to provide information to customers.

All content is created and controlled centrally by two DNB content managers, using Scala Designer and Scala Content Manager. Initial templates were created by ATEA using Scala design tools as well asDNB_resepsjon_panorama an external creative agency and made relevant to each of the zones covered.

Content on the signage network depends on the location of the signs and can include event information, news feeds, location information, menu boards, corporate videos and marketing campaigns. Monitors in the elevator areas of every floor display meeting room information and auditorium programmes and offer a video greeting to visitors.

DNB HQ4ATEA operates the overall digital signage solution, including DNB’s corporate, and branch presence, as part of a Software as a Service (SaaS) package.

“DNB chose to work with ATEA because the company’s breadth of service,” explained Christian Lie, Senior Advisor for Digital Signage at DNB. “We have been pleased with their recommendation of the Scala technology.”

“Not everyone reads email or the intranet as much as they should, so by using screens DNB can pinpoint information that is important.”
– Werner Olsen, Solution Designer Digital Signage at ATEA

BenefitsDNB HQ5
The Scala solution is increasing collaboration, interaction and awareness for 4,300 employees in Oslo and 1,800 in Bergen through more efficient distribution of internal information. For employees, the benefit lies in easy access to more relevant information.

The solution is also addressing environmental concerns, providing environmental savings on the printing and distribution of hard copy materials to individual employees.

[PUB] 14-03-06 DNB Norway 03 - KWDescribed by Werner Olsen, Solution Designer Digital Signage, at ATEA, as “a perfect tool to specify information to employees,” digital signage allows DNB to easily display targeted, relevant content to specific areas across its internal buildings.

“Not everyone reads email or the intranet as much as they should, so by using screens DNB can pinpoint information that is important to a specific date or time, focus on a campaign or on any message of importance to employees,” Said Olsen.

Digital signage is part of a “total experience” at DNB,bilde according to Olsen. “It’s the whole DNB package that’s important: the internal communications network complements the overall company rebranding project which is based on communication and collaboration. Employees can get relevant information everywhere they go.

”Christian Lie, says the company hasn’t yet formally measured the impact of the internal network. “However, we know that people notice when we put up new information on the screens. And if people see this information and say it’s relevant, then it’s successful.”

Future projects include further segmentation of the corporate[PUB] 14-03-06 DNB Norway 01 - KW signage network with more relevant information based on the location of screens. The network will also be opened up to other contributors who may want to put their information on the screens.

A digital signage pioneer, DNB is the first company in Norway to use this technology on such a large scale. The use of screens across the company’s rebranded branches and corporate buildings positions DNB as a communications leader within the worldwide banking industry.

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