Scala drives new KIA brand identity in Russia

Quick facts

  • 180 dealerships across Russia
  • 500 screens and 540 media players
  • Scala Content Manager
  • Scala Designer
  • Videowalls – 42 and 46 inch screens in formations of 3×3 and 2×2
  • Kiosk with 47 inch screens

A major brand reinvention by KIA Motors Russia (KMR) over the last decade has seen 100% of its dealerships roll out Scala’s digital communication platform as a key support to its new ‘Red Cube’ brand identity, supporting sales and communications to KIA end users.

New Look, New Signage

The new dealerships mix corporate red buildings, big glass windows and a new space identity involving car displays, points of attraction and functional zones. At the core of these dealerships is Scala digital signage; driving communications with customers through multiscreen video walls, standalone displays and interactive kiosks.

The project started with three successful pilot dealerships then grew to encompass all KIA dealers in Russia. In total, 180 dealerships equipped with 540 media players, driving over 500 different sized screens are connected to the main KiaTV broadcasting system.

Over the years, dealerships have rolled out a variety of videowalls and interactive kiosks, chosen from four different possible formats, as well as large screens in the sales and service zones. “The Scala digital signage network allows us to share the latest product, sales, aftersales and brand image information to KIA customers,” explained Pavel Balan, dealer marketing of KMR. “We didn’t have much expertise with digital projects at the start, but through working with Scala Certified Partner Dismart we are certain we have made the right choice.”

“Scala is delighted to have supported a project of this scale for KMR, who had an innovative vision from the start as to how to use dynamic signage to drive their business.”
– Harry Horn, GM EMEA & VP Marketing Global of Scala
Central Management

The entire Russian network is managed from the KMR office in Moscow, with a user-friendly interface broadcasting five different content channels across the dealer network, onto the exterior and interior video walls, standalone displays, kiosks and service areas. In addition, ticker line functionality is used to share social media content via live feeds combined with corporate and product news.

“Scala quickly scaled from driving a small number of passive monitors to allowing us to centrally manage a vast array of passive and touch screens across the whole of the Russian territory,” added Balan. “The project scaled quickly and now, all our dealerships across Russia are equipped with a Scala-driven digital signage solution, it’s a standard requirement for all new dealers.”

Screen content across the network is defined by KMR. However, the full service delivery for managing all content for the network is done by Dismart. This includes: scheduling content; the creation of digital posters; automating content runs via Scala scripts; and creating code for the interactive kiosks. In addition to that, Dismart delivers all technical support for the dealerships nationwide.

Driving A Mix of Screens

“We wanted to minimize network traffic by using digital posters, split screens and web effects and only Scala allowed us to do this from the start. It helped us turn KMR’s vision into reality. The main benefit of Scala is that it’s not just a product, but a platform that allows us to create whatever we want without limitations.”

“Quality content, delivered on time, has helped us build trust and great relationships with our end users –
the KIA car owners and potential buyers,” concluded Balan. “We have confidence in our system, we get a great response from our dealers and compliments from their customers.” said Pavel Balan, Dealer marketing of KMR.

“Scala is the only system that allows us to operate such a mix of screens – videowalls, standalone monitors, interactive kiosks – as one system.”
– Denis Savelyev, Director of Dismart
Project Summary

Scala digital signage drives communications with customers in redesigned KIA dealerships through multiscreen video walls, standalone displays and interactive kiosks. The project grew from three pilot dealerships to encompassing all of the KIA dealers in Russia, totalling 180 dealerships equipped with 540 media players, driving over 500 different sized screens connected to the main KiaTV broadcasting system.