Scala Showcasing In-store Retail Analytics Platform and Interactive Shopper Engagement at Shoptalk

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At Shoptalk next week, Scala will demonstrate how digital media and marketing technology have an immediate impact on customer experience, measuring and displaying data on interactions with solutions in the booth in real time. The retail solutions on display have a common goal — using marketing technology, sensors and artificial intelligence to directly improve the in-store experience from the customer, the retailer and the brand’s points of view. Scala, part of the STRATACACHE family of digital media/marketing tech companies, can be found in booth 1845 at Shoptalk, being held March 18- 21 in Las Vegas.

Also highlighting the power of in-store retail analytics at the event, Ben Reynolds, vice president of business & development at STRATACACHE, will share his insights on leveraging mobile location analytics to create a dynamic, personalized in-store experience for brick & mortar venues during a Techtalk. Ben’s presentation takes place on Monday, March 19 at 6:45 p.m. on Stage 3, Booth 1845 in the Exhibit Hall.

Highlighted solutions in booth 1845 include:

Order Pick-up: With a focus on ease and convenience, this solution extends the ecommerce experience, letting shoppers order online and quickly, easily pick up in the store. Using a touchscreen display, shoppers enter a confirmation code to quickly retrieve their order from a sales associate, eliminating the need to stand in line at the customer service area with guests who are making returns or asking for assistance. Retailers can take advantage of the short waiting period by displaying relevant add-on or complementary products on the screen, presenting an upsell opportunity.

Fashion: As brand value and sense of community become increasingly relevant and important to shoppers, digital can play a pivotal role in conveying the message. This solution invites shoppers to learn more about the quality and story by interacting with the apparel, triggering sensors embedded in the clothing. A nearby touchscreen updates to help the shopper learn in-depth about the clothing – here our featured brand Visible.Clothing – and its value, including sustainability, quality and people behind the craftsmanship. To complete the experience, shoppers can scan an on-screen QR code which directs to the store’s website.

Automotive: Finding the correct accessory, part or attachment for a product in an aisle full of choices can be a challenge for shoppers, especially those who aren’t equipped with the knowledge to assist themselves. This solution makes it easy to identify and locate the correct automotive part to fit the needs of the shopper’s specific vehicle by combining audience intelligence with guided selling. The experience can ease the frustrations of shoppers in any retail environment while gathering valuable insight into buying and search patterns as well as the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Beauty: Use compelling display content to catch shoppers’ attention, enticing them to lift featured beauty products and learn details, such as ingredients and price, eliminating the need for a sales associate specializing in the product to be continuously stationed in the area. The solution allows for an unobtrusive upsell opportunity, promoting a featured product along with displaying the lifted product’s details.

Customer Insights: Customer Insights play a key part in enhancing and personalizing the customer experience, empowering retailers to learn deeply about shopping preferences and behaviors. In this “back office” area of our immersive retail environment, you see analytics dashboards of the solutions running on the show floor, which update in real time. Information such as session time, most popular product and upsell conversions give valuable insight into the success of your store’s operations, marketing and customer experience. All the insights gathered are flexible and customizable to examine your KPIs and assist with marketing and retail strategy definition.

About Scala, Inc.

Scala solutions deliver engaging retail experiences by connecting networks of digital signs, kiosks, mobile devices, websites and Internet-connected devices. Scala, a STRATACACHE company, provides the platform for marketers, retailers and innovators to easily create and centrally manage deployment of shopping experiences while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and preferences of customers in the store. Headquartered near Philadelphia, PA, with 30 years of experience entertaining and educating audiences, Scala is well-known for its innovation and leveraging best-of-breed technologies, such as mobile and predictive analytics, to create award-winning solutions that are easy-to-use, yet infinitely customizable. Visit