Following an uptick in sales, Shell Select will add ten new stores per month as well as apply the solution to new “Bem Aqui” stores


Raízen Combustíveis SA (Shell Oil – Brasil) needed a way to quickly, creatively engage and inform customers in their convenience stores throughout Brazil and realized switching from static menu boards to digital was the way to go. With customers stopping into the convenience store for quick service, Shell only has a few moments to capture their attention at the point-of-purchase. Graphically rich messages on impressive digital displays was the smartest solution.

The quick-service restaurant (QSR) solution, created and managed by Scala business partner Ya Mogu, had to be budget-conscious and, although Shell wanted to manage core content from a central location, it was important for store owners to have location-based message control. After taking the plunge on going digital with three screens per store in 250 stores beginning in 2012, Shell realized the benefit and plans to expand to 600 stores by the project’s end.

“Scala provided just what we needed, allowing all stores to micromanage their own content while we handle all global media. Making such a powerful system so easy to use is key to our business.”
Alberto Moura, art & design director, Ya Mogu

Throughout the now three-year project, Shell:

  • Stands out from the growing competition by switching to eye-catching digital displays
    • Three screens per store show centrally managed core content as well as local promotions and menu items
  • Saw an increase in sales, particularly in sandwiches advertised on the displays
  • Plans to increase by 10 stores per month, reaching 600 stores by the project end
  • Is expanding the project to a new restaurant network featuring four-screen displays installed in stores on all major highways in the country

Following a boom in convenience stores in Brazil starting around 2010 – the number of stores nearly doubled – it was important for Shell’s in-store experience to set them apart of the competition. Digital signage leaves a memorable experience with dynamically displayed, eye-catching content. Moreover, the content is ensured to be relevant and correct. Local store managers had the autonomy to set prices as well as schedule time-of-day triggers to display menu items that may be more appealing during breakfast hours than lunchtime.

Using creative content provided by Shell, Ya Mogu used Scala Enterprise Designer to create scripts that allow one in-store screen to show national advertisements and two additional screens displaying content selected by the local store manager. Local store managers have access to Scala Enterprise Content Manager to update messaging, making sure it’s staying relevant to their customers while maintaining the corporate brand and message. Shortly after initiating the digital project, Shell saw an uptick in sales, particularly in sandwiches shown on the screens. Shell and Ya Mogu plan to deploy the solution to ten new stores per month, finishing with a total of 1800 screens across Brazil.

An additional project kicking off in July 2015, “Bem Aqui,” is a new restaurant network being installed on all major highways throughout Brazil. Two Scala licenses power the four-screen displays, which feature two menu boards with mirrored images of the dynamically displayed content. Similar to the Shell Select project, content was created using Designer and gives local managers autonomy to craft messaging relevant to their store.

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About Raizen
Raizen is a $12 billion joint venture with annual production capacity of over 2 billion liters of ethanol, making it the third-largest fuels company in Brazil. It has a retail network of 4,500 fuel stations, 24 sugar mills and an installed capacity of 900MW of electric energy from sugar cane bagasse.

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