Slovenian petrol chain drives digital signage with Scala – Digital Signage Today

gas petrol station digital signage Ljubljana, Slovenia – Digital signage solution provider Scala Inc. recently announced the installation of a 400-screen digital signage network at the largest gas station chain in Slovenia. This nationwide network is successfully managed by Slovenian energy company Petrol.

Scala partner TL 2011 was the vendor choice for Petrol for achieving their communication goals. Petrol wants to constantly maximize their income potential and capitalize their value added services, and they realized that a digital communication network could help them immensely in reaching their business objectives, according to Scala.

Petrol wanted a centrally managed communication system for promoting their in-store products. And it would be a great extra source of income if that same system could serve as an advertising channel for Petrol’s product vendors. In addition, the company wanted to integrate its tailor-made cash register system with the digital signage solution they had in mind.

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