Jyske Bank wanted to boldly go where no other bank had gone before by delivering a live news channel online, across its branches and beyond, broadcasting live information on financial markets, breaking economic news and everyday life


  • Scala software at the heart of the roll-out of jyskebank.tv LIVE in October 2013
  • Innovative use of a digital signage content management solution for live TV
  • Flexibility of Scala solution saved Jyske Bank money and time by simplifying the broadcast workflow
  • Scala delivered increased effi ciency, reduced manual supervision, more content delivered to more platforms
  • The bank can now handle various inputs, including social media feeds
  • Overall solution has already won 2 awards and has raised even more visibility of Jyske Bank as a thought leader

To support the launch of the new jyskebank.tv LIVE TV platform in October 2013, the bank turned to Scala to provide the playout solution that would support the distribution of its award-winning content to the web and to the screens located in all its branches around Denmark.

The Scala software solution was integrated as part of the broadcast equipment running the bank’s TV production studios at its HQ in Silkeborg. This has allowed for an increased efficiency of the station and a reduction in the need for manual supervision of the process.

Business benefits:
jyskebank.tv and jyskebank.tv LIVE are two crucial pillars of Jyske Bank’s marketing and communication strategy. Expanding on the bank’s existing jyskebank.tv initiative, which has been running as an online web channel since 2008, the newly launched jyskebank.tv LIVE extends the reach of this initiative dramatically, packaging content with information from social media and other sources.

Accessible to both customers and non-customers, both jyskebank.tv and jyskebank.tv LIVE are the main focus of the bank’s marketing communications team. Their role is to position Jyske Bank as a thought leader and to differentiate it from other banks, by reenforcing the funky, dynamic image it also portrays in its branding and interior design.

“jyskebank.tv is a way of letting people know about the bank and to give them a good feeling about it,” explained Steen Mertz, Director Communications Technology at Jyske Bank. “Our overall ‘look’ is very different to normal banks. We strive to stand out on purpose, so if people are interested or browsing the market they will like our way of communicating and our look. It’s been extremely successful for us and jyskebank.tv and LIVE are part of this branding.”

Being able to distribute content at a high level has enabled the bank to secure partnerships with some of the largest media companies in the world. Jyske Bank TV now has its own journalist at NASDAQ in Times Square, NY. “We think jyskebank.tv’s efforts are well known in the market, far beyond the reach of our customers,” said Mertz.

This strategy has given Jyske Bank a unique position in the financial sector in Denmark and has contributed to making the Jyske Bank stocks among the highest rising and ranked in the Danish stock market in 2013.

Solution description:
In this particular scenario, Scala’s software actually provides the content management capabilities to the bank’s new jyskebank.tv LIVE TV channel, which is broadcast to around 700 displays, ranging from 22” to 42” in size, and visible in prime locations in its 120 branches all over Denmark.

Those content management capabilities provided by the Scala software allow Jyske Bank to present new information on a daily basis at a higher volume. The bank was also able to implement an open-editorial process, where viewers have a voice via social media. The audience can contribute content to the network, bringing an increased level of engagement with Jyske Bank.

The Scala playout solution played a big role in this success. In a broadcast environment, a playout server is the last step in the workflow, collating video, branding and various other sources of content.

Jyske Bank approached traditional broadcast technology manufacturers, but found their playout servers struggled to handle the variety of image sources and deliver the required effect within a price-point that was acceptable to the bank.

“We have VOD, live video, text-based news, Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, stock information and so on,” explained Mertz. “All of this is hard to put together in the broadcast world. We realised that we could achieve this better by turning to the digital signage world.”

“We have VOD, live video, text-based news, Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, stock information and so on. The Scala solution is a great system for taking in all these feeds and putting them together. We now have a good working system that is fast and easy to maintain and update”

Steen Mertz, Jyske Bank

How Scala met the challenge
The Nordic team at Scala adapted its solution to the requirements of Jyske Bank. The Scala technology now acts as a broadcast playout server in this context. jyskebank.tv had already designed the actual layout of the channel so it was up to Scala to make everything work within the given design.

“Scala was extremely helpful in this process. The Scala solution is a great system for taking in all these feeds and putting them together. We now have a good working system that is fast and easy to maintain and update,” said Mertz.

The Scala solution consists of standard Scala products: the Scala Content Manager (server) and Scala Player (clients) with data integration to retrieve live stock market, currency and Twitter information. The Jyske
Bank news staff adds additional content on an ongoing basis, alongside the occasional live news broadcast stream.

In the TV world, an image is made-up of different layers. Video, stock information, text based news and Twitter feeds all consist of one layer each, combining to make-up a picture. Merging those layers is costly and difficult. The Scala approach delivers one layer, made out of boxes instead which is simpler and easier for Jyske Bank to use.

“A Scala digital signage solution has a good reputation in the market, it’s always seen as a good investment,” said Mertz. “For this particular use, Scala was not only the best solution but also by far the cheapest solution. It’s always a nice surprise when you find an application for a software that is perhaps a little off what it was intended for but it turns out to be extremely well worth it. It replaces the need for extra broadcast technology to merge the image layers.”

About Jyske Bank and jyskebank.tv LIVE
Jyske Bank is the third biggest bank in Denmark and has subsidiaries in a number of European countries. The bank strives to offer customers a different banking experience which is reflected in the untraditional décor of its outlets.
Jyske Bank is also among the first companies in the world to own its own live news channel, jyskebank.tv LIVE. The channel broadcasts online 24/7 delivering up-to-date financial and economic news.
For more information, visit: jyskebank.tv