Instore Re-Targeter

Imagine walking into a store and the screens that are near to you automatically show products that match your personal profile and purchase history! By using beacon technology, it is possible to detect fact-based consumer profiles, derived from information in the customer database of the shop.

Scala has created a solution using this customer information to display three different fashion looks, based on the consumer’s gender and age. The customer can then choose a follow up action on their phone… send the outfit to a fitting room, make a buy or ask for the assistance of a sales associate.


Scala integrates with mobile devices to create compelling in-store experiences.

Lift & Learn

Transform your in-store experience right at the Point-of-Sale with Scala’s ‘Lift & Learn’ solution, featuring Adidas Golf footwear. Stretched LCD screens are used to not only entice customers, but also help them compare and learn more information about products. The ‘Lift & Learn’ display is connected to Scala Content Manager system, allowing retailers to make pricing adjustments instantly using POS data across their network from one central location.

Connected Digital Signage Café

Ordering coffee is now a breeze with the Scala self-serve application in our digital signage café. There’s no need for ticket numbers anymore, once customers are in the vicinity of the stand, beacon technology will detect their presence and customers can place and transmit their orders to the Barista. When their coffee is ready, customers will be notified via phone notifications and their pictures will show up on the main display. No time lost waiting for your coffee.

Style Advisor

Bring a seamless customer experience to your sales floor with the ‘Style Advisor’ interactive display. It works as an assistive selling tool that allows sales associates to trigger outfit styles on two stacked portrait screens from a tablet when customers approach the area. Outfit choices are relevant to customer gender and specific topics such as latest trends, casual basics or a black tie party. The sales associate app also provides additional product information, browses through other style options and help shoppers pick out clothes for the fitting room.


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